From UTO this spring, we will deliver the best washable silk knit

Washable Silk
We made it with the know-how and politeness cultivated through cashmere making.


This spring, we decided to deliver the best silk from cashmere UTO.

With the know-how and politeness cultivated by UTO craftsmen in Iwate over the years in cashmere, we are proud to say that it is a gem carefully made one by one in the same way as cashmere. 

Moist and glossy silk is a luxury itself.

Generally speaking of silk, it is woven from raw silk, but the silk thread that knits is a little different from the raw silk of the fabric.

It is raw silk that bundles some silk threads which can be as much as 1,000 meters, and it is a silk wart to weave it with the raw silk, but the thread used in the knit is the one that the cotton is spun and made into knit yarn by cutting it short rather than using it as it is. It is called silk spinning because it spins silk.

Silk was a major industry supporting Japanese exports from the Meiji period to the early Showa period. It was the beginning of silk spinning that was made from yarn and persimmons made from the first thread of silk making, and it was said that the evaluation was low in the old days.

The original silk thread is straight and features a wonderful touch and luster. If you cut the silk thread short and make it crumpled, the goodness of silk will be soft and gentle with air as it is. Since raw silk is now cut for silk spinning from the beginning, in addition to features such as the original texture and gloss of silk, it is highly evaluated as a knit yarn of excellent material with added bulge and softness.

Knit 4 design made of such silk spinning was announced.

This spring, we will deliver the best knit feast.


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