My House Fitting

I want to order it, but I'm worried about size and color.
Have you ever said that?

UTO has a coordination to suit your clothes,
I'll try it at home at your time you don't care about it.

Please check the size, style, and color of the product on this occasion.



All goods

Lending points.
the order and size of your wishThree points.Please specify.
For color, you will be checked in the principle color fairbook.

Lending period - Three days after item arrival

Transportation fees - Transportation payments
Example: UTO: Customers From UTO, Customers → UTO: Customers Pay



application method


  • Please read the note below and apply it from the form below



    • This service provides only those who are registration of products (customers) or accept customer registration.
    • There are cases where there is no inventory of your wishes. Please understand.
    • Please use the attached face cover for the testing of the fist product (not to be able to get any foundation or hair)
    • Please don't smell perfume or cigarettes or anything
    • Please revert to the tags, smoldering papers, face covers and other accessories
    • When you send it back, the shipment costs are a burden for your customers
    • Please be careful about your use other than your trial purpose
    • If you have a break, loss, smell, etc., or if you do not return it after the test service period (the shipment three days after the arrival of the product to the customer) you will buy the test product.