[after-care service] Refresh High Gauge

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Refreshing a UTO product (laundry-to-finish)
In the atelier that is making the product, the laundry natural dryness is done.

Eligible Products:
Eligible Products: Hygauge (12G) products made by UTO
The string is covered by "thin" tunic, long length, and food products.
If you do not know the gauge or kind of the product you have, please contact us.
You can take a picture of a product and attach it to an email, but you can do it by way of doing so.And I would like to ask you to send me an image of the whole picture and the knitting.

After you have made an offer to purchase a service, you can send the product to the company's head office (Minami-Aoyama) in a way that can be tracked.
The shipping charge at this time shall be paid by the customer (ex-payment payment).
After confirming the product, work on the company's factory (north of the world).
Once completed, the product will be sent back at the expense of the shipping charge.

Time of deposit
About 2 to 3 weeks after product receipt

  • This will be the most expensive price for the product registration.
  • If the registration is not registered, please accept the registration of the customer information that you have filled in at the time of application for this service, so please let us register the product with the product registration.Select "Accept product registration".
  • If you do not want to register your product, please select "Deny the information registration".I'll accept it at the normal price.
  • The information that you have registered will be handled in accordance with our personal information protection guidelines.
  • You can change or delete the registration information by info@uto-knit.com or by telephone: 03-3498-2230.
  • The Company's Personal Information Protection Policy is to be used.This way.You can confirm the results.
  • We can accept our products only.
  • This refresh will be the same as the water washing process for us to do the product.
  • You may not be able to remove old stains or shimi, so please accept.
  • Please note that products, such as fabric stool or fur (mink pong pong), cannot be cleaned up because they cannot be washed.

[after-care service] Refresh High Gauge