[Aftercare Service] Refresh Middle Low Gauge (B)

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Refreshing UTO products (washing to finishing)
In the atelier where the product is made, washing - natural drying - finishing is done.

Eligible products:
Middle-low gauge (5.7G) products made by UTO
Products with "thick eye" tunics, long lengths, and hoods are eligible.
If you do not know the gauge or type of product you have, please contact us.
You can also take a picture of the product and attach it to an email. In that case, please send us an image that shows the whole picture and knitting.

After applying for the service purchase, please send the product to our head office (Minami Aoyama) in a way that can be tracked.
Please pay the shipping fee at this time at the customer's expense (original payment).
After confirming the product, we will work at our factory (Kita-kami).
When you are finished, we will return the product at our expense.

How long do you keep it?
Approximately 2-3 weeks after receiving the product

Please be careful.
  • It becomes a special price to the person who registered the product.
  • If registration is not completed, we will register the product by accepting the registration of the customer information entered at the time of application for this service. Select "Accept product registration."
  • If you do not wish to register your product, please select "Reject information registration". We accept it at the usual price.
  • Registered information will be handled in accordance with laws and regulations and the Company's personal information protection policy.
  • To change or delete your registration information, please info@uto-knit.com or call 03-3498-2230.
  • Regarding the Company's Personal Information Protection Policy,HereYou can check it at
  • Only our products can be accepted.
  • This refresh is the same as the process in which we finish the product.
  • Please understand that there is a possibility that old dirt and stains cannot be removed.
  • Please note that products with textile stalls and fur (fur and mink-poms) cannot be washed with water.

[Aftercare Service] Refresh Middle Low Gauge (B)