The book "Try! The Great Bathroom Traveller" Author: UTO Uto Suka

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author Uto Suwa

Issuing place: phantom winter house

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content introduction

The journey is a passion for young people and girls.

Kenji, who started a travel company at the age of 27 and flew around the world.
The traveler decided to go to the traveler and aimed at a common-sense travel company.
At one time, Kenji meets a chai-girls' high school marching band with the ability to win the national competition gold prize.

"We're sending this marching band to the Dutch World Competition!"

Genji, who had set a big goal, seemed to be approaching his dream with his passion and ironlessness.
The dream of the marching band and the struggle of Kenji, who shook between the narrows of the travel business, began!
How can Kenji make the girls' dreams "real"?



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