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Cashmere Color Gallery

cashmere color gallery

This year's colors available for UTO's "cashmere knit order" are " 25 colors ."

"What color is this?"
"Which color scheme goes well with this color?"

For such color troubles.

On this page
We are introducing a "color gallery" for each of the 25 colors!

Can't find a color that suits you?

(Wearing "Angel's muffler (150cm x 30cm)")

Off white

"Off-white" is like fluffy "warm snow." It is a warm white with a slight cream color that blends easily with Japanese skin.

Off-white x Eccle beige

Off-white x baby blue

Off white x royal blue

Light gray

The ``light gray'' has a heathered tone and is close to white, making it easy to capture your face.

Light gray x black

Light gray x dark rose

Light gray x baby blue

Light gray x blue green

Medium gray

"Medium gray" is a standard color that can be worn by anyone.

Medium gray x light purple

Medium gray x royal blue

Medium charcoal

``Medium charcoal'', also known as ``charcoal color,'' is a gray for sophisticated adults.

Medium charcoal x black

Medium charcoal x fuchsia pink

Medium charcoal x citron

Medium charcoal x dark violet

Medium charcoal x red


Black is a must-have. The unique knitting pattern is inconspicuous and creates a stylish atmosphere.

Black x baby blue

Black x coffee bean

Black x light gray

Black x medium charcoal


If you look closely, ``Sand'' has a beige and white heather pattern that gives a bright and gentle atmosphere around your face.

Sand x Ecle Beige

Sand x chamois

Sand x camel

Sand x fuchsia pink

Orange x Sand

Eccle beige

The soft and gentle "Eccle Beige" gives a soft and calming impression.

Ecle beige x red

Eckle beige x ice pink

Ecle beige x sand

Eckle beige x navy

Ecle beige x off-white

Ecle beige x leaf green


``Chamois'' has a slight brown color and gives a gentle impression. An original gray for adults created by UTO.

Chamois x navy

Chamois x Sand

Chamois x leaf green

Chamois x ice pink


Camel is a standard item with a sense of style.

Camel x lemon yellow

camel x ice pink

Camel x red

Camel x Sand

Camel x blue green

Coffee bean

A mature color with a deep and bitter taste that combines the warmth of brown and the coolness of charcoal.

coffee bean x indigo

Coffee bean x lemon yellow

coffee bean x black

coffee bean x orange

Ice pink

Soft "ice pink" is a color that women have loved forever.

Ice pink x light purple

Ice pink x ecle beige

Ice pink x chamois

Ice pink x camel

Dark violet x ice pink

Light purple

The ``light purple'' is not too sweet, giving it a dignified atmosphere.

Light purple x fuchsia pink

Light purple x medium gray

Light purple x ice pink

Fuchsia pink

The bright fuchsia pink that immediately catches the eye is an accent color to the basic color. Coordinate with beige or gray to create a mature pink outfit.

Fuchsia pink x dark rose

Fuchsia pink x medium charcoal

Fuchsia pink x sand

Fuchsia pink x light purple


Feel like a Parisienne by using the eye-catching "red" as an accent color in your outfit. The bright red knitwear you wear in winter is a little special.

Red x medium charcoal

Red x Eccle beige

Red x camel

Dark Rose

Dark rose, a deep red like red wine, is a color that stands out in winter landscapes.

Dark rose x navy

Dark rose x indigo

Dark rose x light gray

Dark rose x fuchsia pink

Baby blue

"Baby Blue" is a bright and gentle blue that looks just like the blue sky. It has a gentle and cool color that gives you the feeling of a cool snowy landscape.

Baby bull x off white

Baby blue x black

Baby blue x light gray

Lemon yellow

The pale and soft yellow color will make you feel happy just by wearing it.

Lemon yellow x camel

Lemon yellow x coffee bean


A denim-like color that goes well with casual outfits.
Also recommended for men.

Indigo x Citron

Indigo x dark rose

Indigo x navy

Indigo x coffee bean

Royal Blue

``Royal Blue'' is a deep color that immediately catches the eye.
An elegant accent color for adults.

Royal blue x off white

Royal blue x medium gray


Leave the urban and sophisticated atmosphere to "Navy."

Navy x Eccle beige

Navy x Chamois

Navy x Indigo

Navy x dark rose


Add a splash of color to your winter outfits with vitamin colors. It's a deep wintery orange color.

Orange x Sand

orange x coffee bean


Citron has a light image and is a unique color that combines sweetness and coolness.

Citron x Indigo

Citron x Medium Charcoal

Leaf green

A rich green color similar to rich matcha.
This color is recommended not only for women but also for men.

Leaf green x ecle beige

Leaf green x chamois

Blue green

A deep color with green added to blue.
It is a comfortable color with a gentle impression.

Blue green x light gray

Blue green x camel

Dark violet

The subtle dark violet is a surprisingly versatile color.
Try wearing it as a basic color.

Dark violet x ice pink

Dark violet x medium charcoal