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[Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Support] Angel Bookmark


“12 years” of continued support for Tohoku reconstruction

Support activities through cashmere knit making by cashmere artisans in disaster-stricken Iwate Prefecture

Continuing donations now that I have become a corporate citizen of Iwate, the disaster-stricken area

In October 2011, we moved our factory from Yamanashi to Iwate in search of knitting craftsmen.

At that time, the Tohoku region was still in chaos, six months after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and nearly 600 people from the coastal areas were evacuated to Kitakami City, which suffered relatively little damage.

We, as newcomers, thought there was something we could do as corporate citizens, and by donating 100 yen through our main business, cashmere pullovers, for every item sold, we raised the cost of kerosene to get through the cold Tohoku winters. However, I wanted people to do something for me, so I started making donations through Kitakami City Hall.

At the same time, we decided to make and sell the world's softest ``angel bookmarks,'' which include the appeal of cashmere, and donate 100 yen for each book sold.

cashmere angel bookmark

These ``cashmere angel bookmarks'' are handmade one by one by UTO employees, taking into consideration the combination of the color of the body and the color of the tassel.
Each piece costs about 500 yen, but we sell it for 300 yen.

colorful tassels

The combination of the color of the main body of the bookmark and the color of the tassel is also handmade!
Each design is different,
It will be delivered randomly.

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Donations made through Kitakami City every year

We donate 100 yen to support the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and since 2012 we have donated over 3.5 million yen.

Connect in Tohoku. Local support “Michinoku manufacturing × new support for disaster-stricken areas”

Through donations, Kitakami City Hall delivered ``kerosene purchase tickets'' and ``Disaster Prevention Radios'' (above) free of charge to those evacuated to Kitakami City.

We also recently received a direct thank you from someone who supported us five years ago.

``At that time, I was able to stay warm during the cold winter, and when I was evacuated to an unknown place and felt very lonely and anxious, I was able to hear the voices of those around me through the ``disaster prevention radio.'' I am very grateful that I am now able to spend my days with a feeling of peace of mind."

I felt happy to hear that and to know that I was connected to the support of so many people.

As time passes, memories of the tragic Great East Japan Earthquake are gradually fading, and donations seem to be decreasing.

He also said that he is looking for the "next step" from the 10-year "reconstruction support" stage.

After hearing his story, we too, as manufacturers in Iwate, Tohoku, are searching for the "next step."

We would like to continue to do what we can as a corporate citizen of Iwate, so that we can become a major force in supporting and revitalizing Tohoku by focusing on "manufacturing the best products" locally and delivering "the best cashmere knits" to everyone. I think so.

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