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Fluffy, soft, sweet knitting of cashmere thread

Bestseller|Angel muffler/stole

Spend time at home feeling the warmth of cashmere.

HOME Cashmere knit

Choose your favorite size and color

Made in Japan cashmere knit custom order

cashmere knit for you

Using the highest grade 100% cashmere thread, we are particular about "good construction",
Japanese cashmere knit made in Iwate.

While making such knits since 1992,
We deliver knits that are like a "feast" that will make the wearer feel happy.

Cashmere that fits you perfectly

"Custom made to order" Japanese cashmere knit

“Size” that suits you

The size is 3S to 4L, and the length and sleeve length can be adjusted. Order your desired size.

25 deep shades

There are 25 colors to choose from. A deep and elegant color created by blending colors.


We can repair holes and refresh pilling so that you can use it for a long time.

20 years bestseller

angel muffler stole

Fluffy, melty...

Made from 100% cashmere yarn in the sweetest way possible,
“Washable cashmere muffler/stole” that feels as fluffy as a feather.


Enjoy the cold of winter

cashmere neck warmer

The cold wind touches my cheeks,
A partner in the cold season.

Soft, smooth, and moist.

This exquisite neck warmer made of knitted cashmere will gently warm your body and soul.


Cashmere knitting at home

home cashmere

Spend your time feeling the "warmth of cashmere"
Autumn/winter home time.

Incorporate cashmere into your daily life,
I wish I could love the "cold" and "home time" even more than I do now.


Cashmere "read"


We will make it in your desired size and in your favorite color.

At the moment, UTO's semi-custom-made manufacturing, which is ``made in the color and size you desire'', is what has received the most praise worldwide. This is a story about UTO's ``made-to-ord...


Prevention of pilling in cashmere knits

We will explain in detail about pilling, including ``Causes and countermeasures for cashmere pilling'' and ``How to deal with pilling.''


What is cashmere? Features, grades, etc.

We will explain in detail the basics of cashmere, such as ``What kind of animal hair is cashmere?'' and ``Cashmere is expensive, but why?''

“Try on at home” service

fitting at home

"I want to order, but I'm worried about the size and color..."
Have you ever experienced something like this?

At UTO, you can rent products and try them on at home whenever you like without worrying about other people around you.


The people who create UTO

Each piece is carefully woven by local craftsmen at our own factory in Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture.

Introducing cashmere craftsmen >>


Manufacturing by UTO craftsmen in Iwate