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Manufacturing by UTO craftsmen in Iwate

Commitment to “manufacturing”

A cashmere craftsman from Michinoku, Japan's snowy country.
We create things with tenacity, care, and heart.


Facing cashmere all year round,
Cashmere specialists.

UTO's own factory is located in Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture, which is blessed with four rich seasons.

Therefore, cashmere craftsmen specialize in the material cashmere and make products with sincerity.

We create each piece of cashmere knit one piece at a time, using the refined craftsmanship, tenacity of Tohoku people, and careful attention to detail.

By performing all processes in-house, we take responsibility for all aspects of manufacturing and are particular about every process.

``Manufacturing with a visible face'' is UTO's pride.

Tightly knitted fabric “Growing cashmere”

UTO's cashmere knits do not purposely aim to be fluffy when new.

The fabric is tightly knitted, with the idea that it will become fluffier the more you wear it and wash it for years.

We hope that you will enjoy spending time with us and using it as ``Cashmere that grows.''

``Liking'' connects each eye at a glance

``Linking'', in which small stitches are connected by hand without relying on machines, is an advanced technique that only skilled craftsmen can perform.

For example, ``linking'' is what ``supports the expansion and contraction'' of the neck part of a sweater that is worn over the head.

The knit does not shrink or lose its shape even after washing, and the seams feel comfortable against the skin.

"Shukuju" creates a soft texture

The washing process used to soften cashmere is called shukuju.

As fulling causes some shrinkage, we calculate and knit all the conditions, keeping in mind the weather, temperature, humidity, yarn, weight, and desired texture.

In order to create the perfect size, we perform the shukuju process with great care.

“Natural drying” is gentle on cashmere

While it is common to use a dryer to dry a large amount of knitwear in a short time, UTO is particular about "natural drying" for all of its items.

Each piece is shaped and dried in the sunlight and natural wind.

We handle the delicate material of cashmere with utmost care and gentleness.

"Finishing" carefully done by hand

In order to deliver the item to the customer in the best possible condition, we carefully iron the item while checking its dimensions.

If you pass the knit through the formwork and apply strong steam to adjust the size as you would normally do, it may return to its original shape and shrink when you wash it.

We concentrate on making each piece of cashmere knit until the very end.

Thinking about how comfortable it feels when you put it on your skin.

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