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Created by UTO

Cashmere knit like a feast

UTO is a "Japanese cashmere knit" brand founded in Aoyama, Tokyo in 1992.

Cashmere knits made for you by cashmere artisans in Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture, each piece made to order with the warmth of their hands.

brand story

Wear kindness and wear happiness.

The warmth of handicrafts to people around the world. UTO cashmere knit

When you put your head through UTO's cashmere knit,

A high-quality gentleness is conveyed to your skin and soul.

Become the person you like.

Quietly, something like confidence wells up.

I want to meet someone.

What a single piece of cashmere knit can do.

Carefully selected top-grade threads, polished craftsmanship,

Tailored to fit each customer's individual body.

Beyond knitting, knitting, and careful manufacturing,

I believe that it can suddenly raise the temperature of the wearer's feelings.

Rather than making and consuming large quantities of clothing at once.

I want to create knits that people will want to wear for the rest of their lives.

The knit is so comfortable that it will make you smile.

Fighting is annoying.

For the happiness of both people and the earth.

We still make cashmere knits by hand.



Manufacturing by UTO craftsmen in Iwate




The finest cashmere knit made by UTO


UTO was founded in 1992 in Aoyama, Tokyo.Knit maker specializing in cashmere
It is a rare knit maker in the world that consistently plans, manufactures and sells in-house.

The essence of the brand isMaking thingsI think it is.

The cashmere knit that UTO is aiming for isThe highest quality cashmere knit that makes the wearer feel happy with the design that is the basis of the high fashion of that

What supports such UTO products
Our own factory in Kitakami, Iwate Prefecture and skilled craftsmen in Japan.

UTO wants to deliver cashmere knits that will make you feel the happiest in the world.



Commitment to cashmere material

Only the best materials can produce the best products
The material must be earth-friendly


I want to pursue my favorite cashmere until it becomes the best in the world

Cashmere is said to be a jewel of wool, but cashmere is available in grades 1-9.

Cashmere raw wool is graded by many factors such as "fiber length / fineness", "impurity mixture", "color / crimp degree", "tension, etc.", and only a few hairs are considered to be the highest grade. Only a few of them.

The raw materials used by UTO are rareHighest grade1Grade cashmere raw materialis.

What's more, the amount of cashmere that can be obtained from one animal is only about 180g. UTO is particular about the best raw materials in the world.
(In Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in China)

UTO cashmere knit

World-class raw woolWhenWorld-class technology spinningMade by "The best threadIt is supported by.

There is a global association that spins high-end yarns (like the Olympics of cashmere yarns) called CCMI, of which only more than 20 companies are members in the world.

Among the member companies, we tried various high-grade cashmere yarns from member companies around the world such as Italy and the United Kingdom, visited the site of Inner Mongolia, where cashmere raw wool is produced, and carefully selected the texture, texture, quality, etc. in Japan. Is a member company ofCashmere yarn spun by Toyobo and Fukaki woolenWe are using.


Commitment to Made in Japan

Reliable quality and reliability are made in Japan
Essence and pride


I want to protect the lives of excellent Japanese techniques and craftsmen

What supports UTO products isLocals living in and around Kitakami City, Iwate PrefectureWithCashmere knit almost all year roundIt is a young cashmere knit craftsman who deals with.

Most of today's Japanese textile industry factories such as garment and knitters have moved overseas.
The apparel products that have moved overseas have flooded Japan, and now more than 97% of the products distributed in Japan are made overseas, and the Japanese textile industry is"Light in front of the wind"is.

What's more, the craftsmen who supported the booming era of the textile industry have become quite old.
For that reason, the high technology cultivated in Japan is also "the light of the wind.

In such a current situationInheriting the technology of our predecessors and connecting them to the next generationIs our mission.

For that purpose, it is impossible unless the lives of the people involved in manufacturing are established.

In order not to fall into easy price competition, we are making daily efforts to build sales channels for planning, manufacturing and sales in order to simplify distribution.


Japanese dexterity,
Born from the tenacity of Tohoku people


I visited local factories to work with many knitwear manufacturers in Italy, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, South Korea, and China.
It was a valuable experience to know the level of knitting and the strength of consciousness.

Although it is a miso in the foreground, even based on such experience, the level of UTO craftsmen in Iwate is currently outstanding without any disappointment.

that is,Japanese dexterity and seriousness. Tohoku people's tenacityIt will come from. UTO's craftsmanship and manufacturing spirit are the pride of UTO.



Commitment to knit making

Careful manufacturing by hand, not mass production
We will also deliver the warmth of the woven craftsman's hands

Excellent linking technology is also the pride of UTO

Linking"" Is a sewing method in which knitted fabrics that expand and contract are sewn together to make it look like a knitted fabric that expands and contracts.

There is also a "lock sewing machine" for sewing knits, and when comparing sewing with a lock sewing machine and linking,Per skin at the jointIs completely different.

The linking is neatly arranged, so there is no tingling sensation on the skin.Very comfortable to wearis.

However, linking work cannot be done with machines at present, and there is only a way for humans to pick up and stab at a glance, so it is all done by craftsmen.Manual workSo, it takes time and cost.

Moreover, because it is a very difficult and persevering technique that takes many years to learn, there are very few craftsmen who can do it now, and it is a valuable existence.

UTO aims for the highest quality cashmere knitAll products are manually linkedis.


Areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake,
Aiming for the world from Tohoku Iwate


As one of the Japanese cultures, we would like to deliver "cashmere knits carefully created by Japanese craftsmen one by one" to lovers all over Japan and around the world.


Commitment to texture and quality

Pursuing cashmere
Pursuing the best texture


Shukuju = washing process that determines the texture

ShukujuAlso requires advanced technology and know-how.

Looking at the cashmere thread in the UTO and picking it up while saying, "Hey, is this cashmere thread?", Most people are surprised, "Oh, is this cashmere ?!" ..
The knitted fabric of the cashmere sweater, which is made up of only threads and knitted fabric, is hard to imagine that soft cashmere.Rough textureSo it's not unreasonable.

The rough cashmere sweater that has been knitted has a work called shukuju.Fluffy touchChange to.

This crimping is a very important task for cashmere and other materials called wool.

It's hard to explain how to do it, but if you go wild, you wash your sweater. Water passes between the threads while washing, and the Ubu hair that is spun and twisted inside stands on the surface.

Some shrinkage occurs during squeezing.
Therefore, when knitting a cashmere sweater, it is necessary to knit it in a large size assuming the size of the finished product.

It's very difficult these daysIt is.

Therefore, before starting knitting a sweater, we try knit a knitted fabric of a certain size with the same lot of yarn, squeeze it, calculate the degree of shrinkage, determine the dimensions to knit, and then move on to manufacturing.

The texture and dimensions will change completely depending on whether the degree of fluffing is lightened or strengthened, and the fluffing also makes a difference depending on the strength of the twist of the original yarn.
Of course, it will change greatly depending on the degree of clogging (degree) of the knitted fabric.

"To make a cashmere sweater with this kind of texture, it is necessary to have this degree of shrinkage. For that, this knitted fabric will shrink by what percentage, so knit it to this width."

Strictly speaking, it also depends on the weather when knitting.
Rainy days, sunny and dry days, cold winter days.
Since it is particularly sensitive to humidity, we will knit while adjusting.

UTO skilled craftsmen and programmersWhile adjusting the indoor temperature and humidity according to the weather of the dayI am working.

Commitment to natural drying (nothing beats)

After squeezing, the cashmere knit is dried.
Nowadays, it is common to use a dryer to dry in a short time,UTOIs allNatural dryingis.

Natural drying takes time and effort, and the cost increases accordingly, and you will be surprised at "Is it natural drying now?"

But in UTO, until the final drying,Treating cashmere as gently and carefully as a baby "And I believe it is the best cashmere making.


Commitment to knitted fabric

I want you to use it for a long time because it is a high-class cashmere
Knitted fabric is basic for that
Usually difficult


The finer the gauge, the better or worse the technology will appear.

UTO's inner type sweaterBasically 12 gaugeis. 12 gauge means that there are 12 needles in a knitting machine within a width of 1 inch (about 2.5 cm).
Is hand-knitting using a knitting stick about 5 gauge?

A thick knitted sweater feels warm and luxurious, but from a knitting professional's point of view, a sweater knitted with a thin gauge is much more difficult. The uniformity etc. will be noticeable.

Especially called flat knittingTianzhu has neatly aligned stitchesIs the game.

It's a small part, but UTOThe knitted fabric is also firmly and neatly alignedKnitting with care, even a littleProducts that bring out the wearer's goods and luxuryI am keeping in mind.

We are proud and proud of the cleanliness of UTO knitted fabrics.


I want you to wear it for a long time. Clothes firmly on the texture of the eyes

Each has their own preference for the texture and softness of the finished product.

In the old days of England (although it has changed a little now), cashmere that softens while wearing a solid knitted fabric is preferred, and in Japan and Italy, soft cashmere touch seems to be preferred. ..

UTO uses cashmere yarn luxuriously,Same eyes as in old Englandis.

It is tighter and tighter than the proper gauge (the degree of stitching) that fits the thread, so it is better than ordinary cashmere knit clothing.durabilityIt is hard to cut even if it is pulled or rubbedThe more you wear it, the softer it becomes and the more it fits into your body.

Enjoy the aging that makes you feel more comfortableIt is a cashmere knit.


The angel's stole is daringly knitted sweetly
The finest touch, a reward for happiness for yourself

Unlike textiles, angel stalls are dared to wrap around the neck of the most sensitive skin.SweetRoughly knittouchWe are pursuing.

With Iwate craftsmen who have been involved in knitting for more than 50 years, we have repeated research and thread selection for many years, making full use of advanced technology, while maintaining a balance with basic strength.Low gauge to the limit(Roughly rough)Knit gently and softly so that it contains air.By that, another dimensionA fluffy feeling like feathers and an enchanting superb touchThe cashmere knit stall was born.


"It's the first time for cashmere to feel like this. It's completely different from the cashmere I have," surprises both customers and the industry.

It has been the most popular in UTO for many years, regardless of gender.

In UTO, "Angel stall"We have obtained a registered trademark.


Cashmere to grow.And easy to clean

UTO's cashmere knit is like a fine felt fabric every time you wear and care for not only clothes but also stoles.Moist and fluffy feeling increasesTo go.

In UTO, "Grow cashmereI call it.

(Left is new, right is 10 years later)

The cashmere knit that UTO grows, "How do you grow it?"

I often get questions from customers, but it's actually easy to grow up.
UTO cashmere knit products are pre-washed so you don't have to worry about shrinkageEasy machine wash at homeI can do it. (Drum type is not possible)

As a guide in the year12Washing about once is the secret to keeping the texture and cleanliness, but plenty"Water"The entangled fibers are removed by washing with"Fluffy"As you get older, you can enjoy a different texture from when it was new.



Commitment to color

It is said that the choice of knit is 1 color, 2 patterns, 3 making.
UTO cashmere is available in a wide variety of colors


Cashmere, a material with excellent coloring

Color is a very important factor in fashion.
Rather, fashion is unthinkable without color, and color is very important, especially for sweaters.The material called cashmere has good coloringIs also one of the features.

(Cashmere has a beautiful color)

Cashmere goats are inhabited by white-haired "white cashmere," beige and gray-colored "gray cashmere," and near-black "black cashmere." It is used by dyeing white or gray raw hair.

Cashmere hair is too delicate to be as easily decolorized as wool.
If you remove the color and then dye it, it will affect the softness.

Therefore, only white cashmere can be used for light colors such as pastel colors.
Many UTO colors are bright and clear, soWhite cashmereIs often used.


The background color of the downy hair is very important

A variety of pastel colors that can only be achieved with white cashmere.

When cashmere products were sold after the war, the only colors were low-brightness colors such as camel, gray, wine, navy blue, and black.

At that time, these colors were called so-called cashmere colors, and they were said to be "astringent and deep cashmere-like colors." However, in reality, there are few foreign currencies and the threads that can be bought in Japan are brown cashmere or gray cashmere, which is expensive. It seems that the reality is that they were bought by the West and never came around.

Customers who have seen the bright and colorful colors of UTO are surprised to hear that "there are such beautiful colors in cashmere."

(Off-white, beige, brown)


Deep shades are created by blending cotton

In fact, UTO's proud color not only dyes cotton, but alsoBlend the dyed cotton itselfIt is made by

We use the expressions "shallow" and "deep" in color, but it is not only dyeing cotton with one color that gives a solid color that is light but deep.A blend of several colors dyed in the state of cottonIt is because it creates the color.

For example, the UTO color "Royal Blue," which is being developed every year, is5 different colors of blueIt is made by blending dyed cotton.

(Royal blue is a blend of these five colors of blue cotton)

Some grays include "black + white + light beige + dark beige + light purple + blue".

I wonder where blue is in,"Deepness" appears in the color by blendingThat's right.
Blue is surely a secret ingredient.

Blending seems to also play a role in preventing color blurring due to different lots.


Is the softness different depending on the color?

Animal hair fibers such as cashmere and wool have the property of becoming hard when dyed.
The darker the color, the harder it tends to be, because the protein is hardened by boiling it for a long time to fix the pigment on the fiber.

Therefore, even with the same cashmere sweater, "black" is harder than light colors.
Cashmere is much softer than the fibers of other animals and is hard to notice, but you may find it by comparing the same cashmere.

Therefore, the color that has the softest texture is the one that is used without dyeing.

The degree of color retention is called "fastness".

Due to the characteristics of the animal's hair above, the fastness and texture are in conflict, as the texture drops when the fastness is increased so that the color does not fade.

However, Toyobo, who provides yarn to UTO, said, "To satisfy both of them.Dye at low temperatureWe have developed a special method called "" and attracted attention from all over the world.


Custom order for cashmere knit

"I will make it for you"
UTO's cashmere knit custom order is
In the fashion industry, it's "the world's insane."


"Length, sleeve length, and size don't fit your body."
"I want to make it longer"

Since you have selected UTO's finest cashmere knit, we hope that our customers will use it for as long as possible, comfortably and happily.

From such a wishMaking cashmere knits according to your favorite length, sleeve length, and sizeHas been going on for over 20 years.

UTO cashmere knit is "molded knit"

A sweater is usually made by sewing five parts: front body, back body, right sleeve, left sleeve, and collar.
To make this part, there is a knit plate pattern called "Knitting", which is a blueprint for knitting.

In the case of woven fabrics and cut-and-sew, the fabric is "cut and sewn" according to the pattern of each part, but in the case of knit, the part is "knitted (molded) so that it has the shape as written in the number of times". I will make it with.

In this way, knits have "molding" and "cut and sew", and UTO cashmere sweatersBasically everything is "molding"It is made by the knitting method.

Since each part of the knit of molding and knitting is connected by one thread, the thread is not wasted.
Rather, it is an expensive thread that is nearly 10 times as expensive as ordinary thread, so the real intention is that even 1 gram cannot be wasted.

Careful manufacturing using limited resources carefullyEcological wearAs a result, I think it is a manufacturing method that will gain more support in the future.


Cashmere molded knit that cannot tolerate mistakes

If you make a mistake in knitting, untie it and re-knit it, but if there is a mistake in the hem or cuffs at the beginning of knitting, the only way is to re-knit the part again.

Therefore, even if there is a request for correction, "I want to make it a little longer or shorter," I have no choice but to re-knit it again.

Also, in the case of cashmere, when you "squeeze" the thread, the thread becomes loose and soft, but instead the strength against pulling decreases, so it is difficult to partially replace the finished product. That's one of the reasons why it's difficult to fix.


What cannot be fixed is the common sense of knitwear

The knit is made up of a series of looped threads, so if you cut even one place, it will unravel from there.

You can forcibly cut it and make it smaller, but you will hang a lock sewing machine so that the cut part will not come loose.

Of course, a sweater with a lock will not stretch or contract, and it will be uncomfortable to wear, which makes me sad.

Of course, it is almost impossible to increase the width because you have to add knits.
Therefore, it seems that many people wear a slightly larger sweater or a smaller sweater with some patience, saying, "Knits stretch and contract."

There are few people who have no experience of repairing woven clothes, and most of them may be repairing somewhere, such as shortening the sleeve length or putting out the waist.

For example, in the case of woven clothes, I think that even a sleeve length of 1 to 2 cm can be fixed, but in the case of sweaters, I think that it can be covered by the expansion and contraction of the characteristics.

However, even with a sweater, when it reaches 4.5 cm, the comfort and appearance will be quite different.
I think there are quite a lot of people who say they like this sweater but wear it with their sleeves folded.


One of hundreds or thousands
Instead of going to you
Everyone will work together to make one for you.
We will deliver such a "fashionable treat".

I can't fix it
Perfect size with custom order from the beginning

For many years, I've been searching for people who have given up because it's a knit and can't fix it to wear a "perfect" sweater, and it's finally coming true.

To wear a sweater that cannot be repaired,Make one by oneThere is only.

The factory understood that "UTO is made one by one anyway", and in 2002, "Make it in the color you want and with the right dimensionsWe have started the order reception format for cashmere custom orders.

However, custom ordering knits is not so easy.

For example, if you want to shorten the sleeve length, the angle from the armhole to the cuffs will change, so you will have to change the number of eye reductions.

Even the simplest change in sleeve length requires this much work.
Every time you change the bust width, it affects the shoulder width, sleeve width, armholes, and sleeve length, so you will have to fight every time.

Mass production of hundreds and thousands of knit products for apparelOn the other hand, in the case of UTOOne custom order itemIn order to make it, we pour the same energy into it, so each one is a serious game.

(First of all, from the change of the blueprint)

In addition to the size, for customers who make a direct reservation, we can extend the collar of the turtle and lengthen the ribs on the hem and sleeves.
We also accept requests to change the design by adding a color scheme to some parts and make your own original.

Wearing the finished sweater and saying, "It's natural and comfortable," is actually the most compliment.

As the size increases, the amount of thread used also increases, so we charge a size-up fee.



Custom order for knitwear.

I'm proud that this is amazing.