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Cashemere Knit Scarf/Stole

UTO angel series

- bestseller -

Fluffy, melt-in-the-mouth cashmere knit

"Angel's muffler/stole"

The "warmth" that pervades the moment you hold it in your hands
The “touch” that makes you want to touch it all the time

The ``warmth'' woven just for you will gently envelop your heart.

angel series

Product Story

Soft and fluffy cashmere knit that is gentle on your bare skin

Once you wrap it, it feels so good that you won't be able to take it off.
The "Angel Series" has a "fluffy" texture.
This is a best-selling item for 20 years.

The secret is to knit slowly and gently to ``incorporate air.''

"Japanese cashmere yarn" carefully selected from all over the world,
Making full use of 25 years of research and advanced Japanese technology,
Pursuing the finest "gentle texture".

Because it is worn around the neck, which is the most sensitive area,
Knitted in a soft and sweet manner to the extreme,
Feather-like “fluffy” feeling
Achieved a ``melt-in-your-skin texture''.

Fits your body
"Knit" cashmere stole

The mainstream of cashmere stoles is ``woven fabric'',
Once you use the "knit" stole, you won't be able to put it down.

“Knit” stole fits perfectly on the body

Even if you put it on, it won't fall off easily,
The stretchy knit fits your body and neck.

Even in the "large size stall" of 200cm x 78cm,
You can wear it comfortably whether you wrap it up or put it on.

I can't help but want to rub my cheeks,
Fluffy feeling, enchanting

The smallest "muffler" weighs only 70g.
Even the “large size” weighs 220g.

So light that you forget you're wearing it.
It has a gentle feel that will leave you enchanted.

Wrap it around your neck once,
Experience the exquisite texture that feels so good that you won't be able to let it go.

growing cashmere

Cashmere grows with you the more time you spend together.

Carefully made so that it will not shrink even after washing,
Washable cashmere with peace of mind at home.

Washed and worn repeatedly,
It becomes softer and smoother,
``Cashmere that grows'' will reach its best texture after a few years.

By washing with plenty of water about 2-3 times a year,
Tangled fibers make it “fluffy”.

As the years go by, you can enjoy the aging effect that is different from when it was new.

Please raise your baby as gently and carefully as if you were wrapping it in cotton.

color order

25 deep colors to choose from

There are 25 color variations.

Created by Japan's advanced dyeing technology, ``low-temperature dyeing,'' which dyes slowly at low temperatures, and ``color blending.''
Deep, elegant color.

Enjoy your time choosing colors.

Creator's thoughts and commitment


The wishes and thoughts put into each piece.
What you need to know and feel about these invisible forms.

It means connecting with the creator through cashmere.

The bond between you and cashmere is
It is also the bond between you and the creator.


Commitment to materials

Depending on the length and thinness of the fibers, etc.
Raw cashmere wool with grades 1 to 9.

Among them, UTO cashmere is
We use the highest grade "1st grade" which is the thinnest and longest.

This cotton was spun using high Japanese technology,
It is knitted with soft, smooth and beautiful Japanese cashmere thread.


made in Japan

Our own factory, located in Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture, specializes in cashmere knitwear, which is rare in the world.

Serious and methodical cashmere artisans in Tohoku produce cashmere knits all year round.
We are accumulating know-how.

We spend a lot of time and effort to maintain high-quality texture and quality.
Each piece is carefully manufactured.


Every little glance,
"Linking" is a method of connecting by hand and visually.

"Linking" is a craftsmanship technique unique to knitting.
Although it takes time, it does not shrink even after washing.
The result is a superb stole that feels good against your skin.

Natural drying

After washing (fluffing) the cashmere to make it fluffy,
Let the knit dry.

It is common to dry in a short time using a dryer,
All UTO products are "naturally dried".

Although it takes time and effort, it is the gentlest method for making cashmere.


using steam from an iron,
Each piece is carefully finished by hand until the final "finishing".

Reliable “aftercare”

If the pill or dirt cannot be removed.
If the thread breaks due to rubbing or insect bite.

At UTO, we hope that you will use it with care for a long time.
With this in mind, we provide after-care services even after delivery.

Even the "waiting" time is endearing.

Until the moment when you can finally use it comes,
After enjoying the cold season together, until the cold season comes again.

Even the time to look forward to and relax,
It becomes endearing.

``Angel's Stole'' is carefully crafted with all our heart so that it can bring you the richness and happiness of your heart.

I will always be with you 10 or 20 years from now.

UTO has pursued only the best cashmere knits, so that we can be by your side for years to come, as your irreplaceable and once-in-a-lifetime partner to enrich your life.

A crystal of thought and kindness

At first, cashmere was a fluffy material.

The cashmere is made by craftsmen from various fields who generously invest their time and effort in many steps.
An angel stole "for you".

The piece that was created after pursuing the essence in every step,
It is made with kindness and a desire to enrich the people who wear it.

A top-quality piece that will warm your body and soul, for you.