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Q. Are all items "made to order"?

All of our cashmere knits are custom made to order .
This is a service where you can order your favorite color and size based on the original design.

・Color: You can choose from 25 colors this year. ・Size: If you wish, the following changes are possible. └Knitwear: ``Length and Sleeve Length'' can be adjusted. └Accessories: ``Length'' can be changed. Delivery period: Listed on each product page

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Q. Can "UTO cashmere knit" really be washed?

An expensive cashmere knit. It has a strong image of being "delicate", and we often receive questions such as "cashmere seems difficult to maintain" and "it's a pain to take cashmere to be cleaned every time."

In fact, washing cashmere can be done easily at home.

You can easily wash it by keeping in mind the important points and using the easy machine/hand wash mode or hand wash.

Washing process (for "washing machine")
・Put 1 or 2 pieces in the net (to prevent friction )
The gentlest mode (hand wash mode) with plenty of water and short wash settings (water temperature is room temperature )
・Add neutral detergent (for fashionable clothes washing) as appropriate (don't forget fabric softener)
・Dehydration (until completely dry)

※important point※
・Be careful of temperature and friction to avoid felting (a phenomenon in which hair gets tangled and shrinks).
▶︎Make sure to wash with water below 30 degrees.
Washing with hot water over 30 degrees may cause shrinkage.
▶︎Strong movements, such as those used in drum-type washing machines, are not recommended as this will cause friction and cause shrinkage.

・About "Commercially available cashmere knits" UTO's cashmere knits are made using years of experience and technology so that they do not lose their shape (do not shrink). We sometimes receive inquiries from customers saying that the product has shrunk.
This happens because knits have the property of "stretching and contracting," so during the manufacturing stage, the knits are made slightly smaller and then adjusted to their original size in the final process (ironing). When you wash it, it returns to its original small size.

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