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▽ 01 “Cashmere blanket”

▽ 02 “Leg warmers/hand warmers”

▽ 03 “Parker/Pants”

▽ 04 “Haori Stole”

- ITEM 01 -

cashmere blanket

A blanket is one of the items that support you during the cold winter.

By incorporating adorable "cashmere blankets" carefully made in Tohoku into your daily life,
I wish I could love winter and my time at home even more than I do now.

work in the living room,
Relax on the sofa,

When I sit in a cold room, my hands and feet get cold. .

While you're at home, the gentle feel of cashmere knit will warm your body and soul.

When it's so cold that you can't concentrate on reading or working,
Cover your entire body with a soft blanket.

Wrapped in luxuriously woven cashmere, the gentle texture and warmth feel truly comfortable.

I also love that cashmere is lightweight and doesn't make my shoulders stiff.

Kanoko knit blanket

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 120cm x width 80cm
price: ¥55,000 (tax included)

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We have blankets in 3 different textures.

“Kanoko-knit blanket” with a smooth knit feel
“Picture frame striped blanket” with a chewy texture
"Angel's Blanket" that is thin and fluffy

During the cold winter home time,
Feel the security of being wrapped in your favorite cashmere blanket.

If you can find such winter fun,
It looks like you'll be able to enjoy the cold winter even more.

framed striped blanket

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 120cm x width 78cm
price: ¥49,500 (tax included)

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angel blanket

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 120cm x width 78cm
price: ¥39,600 (tax included)

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Kanoko knit blanket

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 120cm x width 80cm
price: ¥55,000 (tax included)

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- ITEM 02 -

cashmere leg warmers

Luxury leg warmers that feel the warmth of cashmere on your feet.

Cashmere doesn't get stuffy easily,
The warmth of cashmere will gently warm you up even when you're cold after taking a bath.

Recommended for those who are sensitive to cold.

When your ankles are warmed by leg warmers,
It will warm your whole body.

There are 2 types of designs.

These leg warmers are made of cashmere knitted with loose ribs.
" Rib knit leg warmers ".

From the moment you pick it up, it feels soft and comfortable.
I can't help but feel like my face is going slack.

Carefully and slowly,
Leg warmers that keep you warm.

Sometimes it's nice to use it as a loose arm warmer.

ribbed leg warmers

material: 100% cashmere
size: length 43cm
price: ¥13,200 (tax included)

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For those who want to wear it snugly,
We recommend leg warmers made of tightly knitted cashmere.

It keeps your feet warm without being too tight.

It prevents your feet from getting cold while being easy to move around in and can be used on a daily basis.

Jersey knit leg warmers

material: 100% cashmere
size: length 38cm
price: ¥14,300 (tax included)

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Made using the highest quality cashmere
UTO's " hand warmer ".

Speaking of cashmere, it has a lovely, soothing appearance.
The fluffy hair that survives in nature with severe temperature differences,
It has excellent heat retention and moisture retention properties.

Hand warmers knitted from cashmere are
Light and warm.

It doesn't feel prickly like wool and is gentle on the skin.

The length of the arm warmer is approximately 28cm.

It gently covers your hands up to the front of your elbows.

Hand warmers allow you to use your fingers freely.
You can also use your smartphone or keyboard.

Perfect for your time at home.

Warm, high quality, and gentle on the skin.

During the time at home when you feel the coolness of the skin,
New partner.

hand warmer long size

material: 100% cashmere
size: length 31cm
price: ¥14,300 (tax included)

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- ITEM 03 -

Cashmere knits you want to wear at home

I want to spend time at home looking relaxed.

Each part is carefully knitted from high-quality cashmere material,
We have created a luxurious and stress-free loungewear item called `` hoodie ''.

Simple design with the best materials.
Instead of wearing casual clothes like pajamas,
It has a luxurious feel that can be worn as outerwear.

In addition to the softness of knit, you will be surrounded by the melt-in-your-mouth feel of cashmere and a sense of security.
Feel even more relaxed.

Parka bag knitting type

material: 100% cashmere
price: ¥74,800 (tax included)

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Fluffy silk crew neck sweater

Material: 100% washable silk
price: ¥41,800 (tax included)

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Parka rib type

material: 100% cashmere
price: ¥88,000 (tax included)

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Luxuriously knitted from cashmere,
How about some loose and comfortable knit pants ?

With the gentle feel and warmth of cashmere,
These cashmere pants are so comfortable that once you put them on, you won't be able to take them off.

The thick and firm fine rib knit prevents body lines from showing,
The silhouette has a relaxed and clean feel.

I purposely didn't have any pockets, so
The waist area is also refreshing.

You can wear it neatly, so you can go out as is.
These knit pants can be enjoyed in a wide range of ways.

relaxed knit pants

material: 100% cashmere
size: free size
price: ¥88,000 (tax included)

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~UTO's standard "Angel series"~

Sweetly knitted to contain air,
Soft and gentle touch

angel reversible neck warmer

Fluffy and melty. This neck warmer is knitted in the sweetest way possible, making it gentle and soothing on the skin.
The luxurious two-piece design is reversible so you can adjust the color to suit your mood that day. You can enjoy the colors and make a perfect gift.

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 29cm x width 30cm
price: ¥27,500 (tax included)

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For those who want to enjoy cashmere easily.
Light and fluffy neck warmer

wide ribbed neck warmer

A compact and comfortable neck warmer made of soft knitted cashmere.
The knit-like ribbed design and smooth texture are also recommended for those with sensitive skin.

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 26cm x width 30cm
price: ¥13,200 (tax included)

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For those who want to wear it comfortably.
voluminous neck warmer

links knit neck warmer

A luxuriously sized neck warmer made of fluffy and voluminous cashmere.
It's very light and the entire neck is wrapped in cashmere, making it perfect for people with sensitive skin. How about having it as a companion during the cold season?

Length 38cm x width 31.5cm
100% cashmere / ¥16,500 (tax included)

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Luxuriously made with two layers, it is moist.
“Pattern” design that stands out in winter

diamond pattern neck warmer

Length 21.5cm x width 26.5cm
100% cashmere / ¥13,200 (tax included)

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ethnic pattern neck warmer

Length 21.5cm x width 26.5cm
100% cashmere / ¥13,200 (tax included)

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square pattern neck warmer

Length 21.5cm x width 26.5cm
100% cashmere / ¥13,200 (tax included)

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The story of cashmere “dying”

A deep and elegant color that is dyed slowly and carefully.A comfortable and safe color.

cashmere and color

Color is a very important element in fashion, as it is said that ``color is number one, pattern is number two, and construction is number three.''

In fact, you can't think of fashion without color, and color is especially important for sweaters.

This time we will talk about "dying" to "color" it.
The dyeing craftsmen are working hard day and night to find out how to dye the fabric into the best color.

Selecting cashmere goats according to color

Beautiful coloring
1st grade raw cashmere wool

Raw cashmere wool is ranked into 9 grades based on ``thread thinness, fiber length, and impurity content'', but UTO uses cashmere yarn spun from Toyo Boseki's ``1st grade raw wool''. is.

" 1st grade raw cashmere wool" has extremely high whiteness (whiteness), and threads with high whiteness are characterized by increased color vibrancy and depth when dyed.

Also, there are individual differences among cashmere goats, and there are cashmere colors such as white, gray, and brown. Sometimes these hairs are used as they are, but most of the time they are dyed some kind of color.




It's fine if the color comes off easily like wool, but cashmere wool is so delicate that if you remove the color and dye it, it will get damaged and lose its texture.

For this reason, for example, colors with low brightness can be dyed from ``brown'' or ``gray'' hair, but only ``white cashmere'' hair can be used for lighter colors such as white, saxophone, and pink.

By the way, UTO has many bright clear colors, so "white cashmere" is often used.

Rare bright cashmere color

When cashmere products began to be sold after the war, the colors were all low-brightness colors such as camel, gray, wine, navy blue, and black.

At that time, these colors were called cashmere colors, and were said to be ``bold and deep colors that are typical of cashmere.'' However, in reality, the threads that could be bought in Japan, where foreign currency was scarce, were brown cashmere or gray cashmere, and expensive white cashmere etc. The reality seems to be that it was bought by the West and never circulated.

Therefore, when I see UTO's bright and diverse colors, I am often surprised, saying, ``Cashmere can come in such beautiful colors.''

Consideration for texture and deep colors

top dyed

There are three types of fiber dyeing: top dyeing, thread dyeing, and product dyeing.
Fibers, not just cashmere, can be dyed in their raw state (top dyeing), in yarn (yarn dyeing), or after being made into products (product dyeing). Each dyeing method is different depending on the purpose.

UTO 's cashmere yarn is dyed using " top dyeing ".

Compared to "thread dyed" and "product dyed" threads, "top dyed" threads have better color retention and deeper hues.
It takes time and effort to complete the color, which increases costs and risks, but we are particular about ``top dyeing'' so that those who order can enjoy the color for a long time.

In addition, "top dyeing" is a dyeing method that is gentle on nature.
UTO is particular about "top dyeing" because it helps to reduce water consumption, reduce wastewater and pollution, which means keeping the natural environment cleaner.

Value the texture with high-risk “top dyeing”

For threads that cannot be re-dyed, the earlier they are dyed, the higher the risk. If you dye the cotton red using top dyeing, the thread will be red, and of course the product will also be red.

Yarn dyeing after one stage is much less risky than top dyeing.

The more you can attract and dye the colors that change rapidly depending on the trends, the less risk there is.If possible, you can make a sweater from unbleached material during the off-season and dye it once you know the color trends in the off-season, so you can grab a great chance. You can do it.

Benetton, an Italian manufacturer, has perfected this dream-like product dyeing process. This was the beginning of Benetton's great breakthrough. I think it was revolutionary.

However, with delicate cashmere, it is impossible to use such a bold method as the texture will be ruined.

Japan's advanced technology "Low temperature dyeing"

The basic method of dyeing is soaking in hot water containing dye. Although it varies depending on the color, a certain amount of temperature and time are required for the dye to penetrate into the fiber.

The degree of color retention is also called "fastness."
Generally, when trying to ``improve fastness'' it becomes necessary to ``increase the dyeing temperature.''

Higher dyeing temperatures have the advantage of ``faster and more uniform dyeing,'' but on the other hand, higher temperatures can damage the cashmere fibers and reduce their texture.
Additionally, this can lead to yarns that are difficult to knit and holes.

Fastness and texture are contradictory, as ``increasing the fastness'' so that ``the color does not fade'' and ``degrading the texture'' are contradictory, but Toyobo Kogyo, which provides yarn to UTO, In order to satisfy both of these requirements, we have developed a special method called " low temperature dyeing ".

"Low-temperature dyeing" maintains a soft texture

UTO 's cashmere yarn is dyed using a "low-temperature dyeing" technology originally developed by Toyo Boseki Kogyo in order to preserve the "soft feel" of cashmere as much as possible and make it a "thread with good color retention." .

"Dyeing slowly at low temperatures to ensure an even color."

This is an advanced dyeing technique based on many years of experience, and is highly acclaimed around the world.

Although careful control of time and color is required, this unique dyeing technique preserves the smooth texture of cashmere fibers and maintains high quality in terms of color retention and texture.

In this way, the quality of UTO is supported by the dyeing masters, but in reality, even with the best technology, there are subtle differences in texture depending on the color.

Of course, cashmere is incomparably softer than other materials even in dark colors such as black, but it is inevitably stiffer than other pastel-colored threads. Even sweaters with the same model number can have different textures depending on the color.

Color craftsmen continue to strive every day to create better colors and better textures, but there are still technical barriers that are difficult to overcome. .

But no matter what, black cashmere is always popular (lol)

A “deep hue” created by blending colors

Cashmere cotton is made using the highest grade cashmere wool, yarn dyeing, and low-temperature dyeing to bring out the maximum vibrancy and depth while maintaining its texture.

UTO's cashmere yarn is made from 5 to 10 colors of cashmere cotton that are "blended" into a single color.

For example, UTO 's color "Royal Blue" is a blend of five colors of blue.

In addition, in the case of "medium gray", black, white, light beige, light purple, and blue are blended.
Blue is hard to notice, but it's like a secret ingredient that adds depth to the color.

By blending colors, you can add depth to your colors and make even pale pastels look more intense.

Blending also "significantly stabilizes color changes."

Color stability leads to a sense of security when it comes to colors, such as when you want to repeat the same color.

UTO always uses the same cashmere thread and color, so ``color stability'' is a very important element in order for you to feel safe with UTO's cashmere knits.

“How to dye cashmere to a good color” A story about “cashmere dyeing”, which is practiced day and night by master dyers.

The story of fulled carpet - Cashmere is the ugly duckling

Cashmere is a typical material for knits, and with its fluffy, light and soft texture, you can tell the difference from other materials just by holding it in your hands.

When you look at the cashmere thread we have at our store and say, ``Hmm, is this cashmere thread?'' when you pick it up, you're like, ``Huh? Is this that cashmere thread?'' ! ? ! ”, most people are surprised.

It's hard to imagine that it's made from soft cashmere, but a newly knitted cashmere sweater feels rough to the touch, so it's no wonder.

(Left) Before fulling (Right) After fulling
On the left side (before fulling), the stitches are so loose that the white background is visible, but on the right side, the stitches are tight.
Even if it gets clogged, it doesn't mean it's hard, but it's soft and fluffy.

Transform yourself with fulled carpet!

Once the cashmere sweater is knitted, it undergoes a process called "fluffing."

This crimp is a very important process for materials called woolen wool, such as cashmere.

To put it bluntly, the method is to wash the sweater. In addition to water, this requires knowledge, advanced technology, and skill.


As water passes through the threads during washing, they are spun, and the soft hair twisted inside stands out on the surface.

At that time, some shrinkage will occur . Therefore, when knitting a cashmere sweater, you have to knit a larger one based on the finished dimensions. It is difficult to time this shrinkage.

Therefore, before we start knitting the actual sweater, we test knit a certain size fabric using yarn from the same lot, shrink it, calculate the degree of shrinkage, and decide on the dimensions to knit before moving on to the actual sweater.

↑Calculate the shrinkage and knit it a little larger.

Fluffing affects the texture of cashmere

The texture and dimensions change completely depending on how light or strong the fullness is, and the strength of the original yarn twist also makes a difference. Of course, the tightness of the knitted fabric also makes a big difference.

``To make a cashmere sweater with this texture, you need this amount of fulling. To do this, you need to know what percentage of shrinkage will occur if you knit this fabric with this thread, so knit it to this width.

↑We are designing knitting to achieve the desired texture and size while taking shrinkage into account.It is very difficult compared to textile patterns, and is a result of experience.

Strictly speaking, it also depends on the weather at the time of knitting. Rainy days, sunny dry days, cold winter days.

It is especially sensitive to humidity, so I adjust it as I knit. Skilled craftsmen and programmers work while adjusting the indoor temperature and humidity depending on the weather that day.

People who are skilled in a variety of conditions seem to be able to tell whether the knitting machine is "light today" or "heavy" just by moving the knitting machine a few times.

Also, each person has their own preferences regarding the texture and softness of the finished product.

In general, people in the UK prefer cashmere, which is a tightly knitted fabric that becomes softer as you wear it, while people in Japan and Italy seem to prefer something that feels as soft as cashmere to the touch.

More fluffy with “natural drying”

Dry the shrunken cashmere. Nowadays, most items are dried quickly using a dryer, but all UTO items are dried naturally .

Natural drying takes time and effort, but I think it is the gentlest method for cashmere.

When it dries, it becomes that fluffy cashmere sweater that is completely different from the rough texture of previous sweaters. It's like a rugged duckling growing into a graceful swan.

In this way, cashmere is a fuzzy material that requires experience, sensitivity, and sense.

It's a rewarding, interesting and fun world.

Detailed story about “fleshing” that affects the texture of cashmere

I want to wear it for myself
Moist and soothing texture

Carefully woven one by one in Iwate,
UTO's "Baby Cashmere Knit"


Very rare baby cashmere

Baby cashmere is the top-of-the-top raw material in the cashmere world.

"Baby cashmere" is
Cashmere babies under 12 months old are born with their first downy hair.

One adult can harvest about 150g ,
Only 30g .
It was knitted with such very rare downy hair.

sweater for yourself
Blissful happiness that only you can feel

Baby cashmere thread is ultra-fine, lighter and softer than regular cashmere thread.

From cashmere knits knitted with such thread,
You can experience the glossy "moist feeling" that can only be experienced with baby cashmere, which is softer and lighter, and the soft texture that you won't be able to live without.


Long and comfortable for over 10 years
UTO 's "Baby Cashmere Knit"

“Baby cashmere knit” made by UTO is
It is woven tightly so that it can be used for a long time.

To enjoy it for a longer time
UTO cashmere craftsmen in Kitakami, Iwate take the time to make it.

To wear it for a long time,
The construction part is also an important point.

In Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture, which is rich in nature,
UTO's cashmere craftsmen, who work with cashmere all year round, create products with particular attention to texture and construction.

In the sewing part that affects the comfort,
Using the artisanal technique of "linking," which connects each eye by hand,
Very comfortable on the skin,
We take extra care to ensure that it retains its shape even after washing.

When drying, do not dry it all at once using a tumbler, etc.
By "natural drying" which takes time.

From drying to finishing, we use the most gentle method to bring out the texture of baby cashmere.

Made with luxurious 100% baby cashmere thread,
The more time and effort you put into the texture (comfort), the more expensive it will be.

However, it is important to create knitwear that can be worn comfortably for many years.
This is UTO's commitment.

baby cashmere knit
You can make it to the size that suits you.

UTO baby cashmere knit
It is possible to order a size by adjusting the length and sleeve length.

Because it's an expensive knit to reward yourself,
Order it in your own size and enjoy it forever.

Even softer and more moist
Baby cashmere knit that you will love

After you receive it, you will feel even more comfortable.
This is the main point of UTO's " Baby Cashmere Knit".

Repeatedly worn and washed,
The “firm” knit is softer,
Changes to a moist texture.

The texture will be most pleasant 2-3 years after delivery.

The longer you wear it, the happier you will feel when you wear it.
How about a knit that will make you love it even more?

You can enjoy it for a long time with peace of mind.
Aftercare service

After delivery, we provide "aftercare service".

UTO will repair any hook holes or insect holes.

Even if it loses its shape or pilling,
We will reset it to look like new.

We promise that you can use it safely and in good condition for a long time.

The "Baby Cashmere" series is a special and luxurious part of UTO's cashmere collection.

Even in the middle of winter when you can feel the crisp cold air,
"Baby cashmere" that gently hugs your body

That warmth will give you a more special and comfortable time than usual.

Bringing the highest quality to everyday life

The highest quality cashmere is woven with a dense, soft and luxurious jacquard knit, giving it a moist and luxurious feel.

A UTO pattern muffler that catches the eye and blends into everyday life.

Cashmere that everyone can enjoy

Designs that suit any gender or outfit, such as the standard herringbone pattern or a simple square pattern.

This item also makes a great gift.

gorgeous colors

From calm colors to vivid colors that catch the eye.

From UTO's past color variations, we offer exquisite patterns and colors that go well with a simple cashmere sweater.

Products grown in our own factory

The area around the factory is a green carpet in the summer and a pure white carpet in the winter.

When the snow stops and the sun comes out, the sky feels very spacious.

Herringbone muffler/100% cashmere

This muffler allows you to fully enjoy the fluffy and voluminous feel of the standard herringbone jacquard knit. The design goes well with any outfit, so we aimed to create a piece that you can quickly put on and go out.

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Square pattern muffler/100% cashmere

This muffler allows you to enjoy the fluffy and soft knitted fabric of jacquard while using two colors on the front and back, allowing you to wrap it in a variety of ways. We have a fun lineup of colors to choose from, sometimes with gentle colors and sometimes with sporty colors.

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Naname plaid scarf/100% cashmere

This muffler is reversible and can be enjoyed by using a checkered pattern in two bright colors. Unlike woven mufflers, you can enjoy a fluffy and voluminous feel.

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2-color herringbone pattern scarf/100% cashmere

An eye-catching muffler with a design that combines herringbone patterns of different thickness. The horizontal herringbone design creates a soft impression with vertical stripes and can be worn by both men and women.

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Striped herringbone scarf/100% cashmere

By combining herringbones with different thicknesses compared to the standard herringbone pattern, we added a playful striped pattern. This item is a must-have item for all kinds of spices.

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We support UTO's manufacturing
Would you like to enjoy a patterned scarf made from the finest cashmere knit?

Gifts from ¥10,000 to ¥20,000

Why not choose a quality cashmere item as a gift for a special occasion ?

``Most popular'' as a gift
classic cashmere

angel scarf

This is a best-selling item for 20 years and is often given as a gift.

Fluffy and melty. A knitted scarf that is knitted in the sweetest way possible and has a mesmerizing feel. It is very gentle on the skin, so it is also recommended as a gift for the elderly.

You can choose from a wide variety of 25 colors to match the gift recipient.

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 150cm x width 30cm
price: ¥13,200 (tax included)

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For those spending time at home

Jersey knit leg warmers

The design is firm but not too tight. Recommended for those who want to wear it snugly.

Cashmere does not get stuffy and is warm, making it especially comfortable and gentle for people who are sensitive to cold.

material: 100% cashmere
price: ¥14,300 (tax included)

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ribbed leg warmers

Stretchable design that can be worn comfortably. Recommended for those who don't like harsh conditions.

The fabric is sweetly knitted to contain air, giving it a soft and gentle texture that feels like an angel has descended.

material: 100% cashmere
price: ¥13,200 (tax included)

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Double ridge knit cap

Luxurious 100% cashmere knit cap knitted with both ribs.

It has a firm, moderate thickness and a bouncy texture, providing soft and warm protection around your face.

material: 100% cashmere
price: ¥19,800 (tax included)

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Special and luxurious gifts starting from ¥20,000

How about a luxurious cashmere knit as a special item that you would like to give to your loved ones with all your heart?

Choose from standard

The large size of UTO's best-selling "Angel Series" is recommended for the first piece.

angel stole
regular size

A stole that is fluffy and extremely soft to the touch. It is a convenient size that can be arranged as a stole or a muffler.

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 160cm x width 50cm
price: ¥26,400 (tax included)

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angel stole
large size

A large stole with a fluffy and exquisite texture. It's a very luxurious size that can be used not only around your neck, but also as a throw or throw.

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 200cm x width 78cm
price: ¥46,200 (tax included)

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A colorful and special gift

This is a color scheme stole from the "Angel series".Choose from a rich variety of 25 colors and gift a one-of-a-kind stole to the world.

Angel's Stole Striped Border Color Scheme

A two-color striped stole from the fluffy "Angel Series".

The size can be freely arranged as a stole or a muffler.

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 160cm x width 50cm
price: ¥33,000 (tax included)

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Picture frame color scheme angel stole
large size

Fluffy “Tenshi Series” stole with a unique feature on the edge

It's a very luxurious size that can be worn not only around the neck, but also as a throw or throw.

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 200cm x width 78cm
price: ¥52,800 (tax included)

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Choose from luxurious cashmere blanket textures

angel blanket

Fluffy and melty. The finest texture, soft and fluffy like an angel.
It is also gentle on the skin, so it is recommended as a gift for the elderly.

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 120cm x width 78cm
price: ¥39,600 (tax included)

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knitted blanket

With the silky texture of Kanoko knitting,
Moderate thickness provides gentle warmth

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 120cm x width 80cm
price: ¥55,000 (tax included)

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picture frame striped blanket

It is elastic and very warm, smooth and chewy to the touch, and is reversible so you can enjoy the colors.

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 100cm x width 80cm
price: ¥49,500 (tax included)

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plaid luxury blanket

Heavy and warm, with a moist texture that makes you want to touch it all the time.

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 120cm x width 76cm
price: ¥60,500 (tax included)

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- Select by price -

△ Gifts between ¥10,000 and ¥20,000

△ Gifts starting from ¥20,000

Product Birth Story “Yotsumoku Knit”

One of UTO's original knits, ``Yotsumoku Knit''

Yotsumoto knit is a playful, casual, top-quality cashmere knit made by knitting ``4 different colored cashmere threads''.

It is a secretly popular item that is loved by many customers and has many repeat customers, saying, ``It has such a slimy feel that you won't be able to wear other knits.''

In fact, Yotsumoki knit is an original knit that can only be made by UTO. This is the story of the birth of such an original and beloved knit.

Insane and interesting inspiration

My first encounter with Yotsumochi yarn was when our president, Uto, visited the spinning company we work with.

Sweaters and knitted accessories are usually made by knitting twin yarns (threads made by twisting two single yarns together). For this reason, brands including UTO generally purchase twin yarn from spinning companies. However, when I was touring, I learned that they had "single yarn" before making double yarn.

Hearing this, the company president, Uto, thought , ``Then, if you twist single yarns of different colors, you can make interesting yarns!'' , and the people at the spinning company thought positively, ``That's great!'' The fact that he received the gift was the reason for the birth of Yotsumoku .

High risk heather color

According to Spinning Company Day, no one would have thought about ``turning expensive 100% high-quality cashmere yarn into a heather color that is difficult to sell'' in the first place because it was too risky. .

I was thinking, “If you ask me, that’s true.”

However, we thought, ``What would be great if there was a top-quality cashmere knit that was fun!'' We started development with the hope of ``just having fun.''

Then, through trial and error, we were particular about the color and texture that would not compromise the quality of cashmere, and the current four heathered threads and knit items were completed.

Enjoy developing yarn every year using the highest quality materials

Every year at UTO, everyone at the head office has fun twisting four different single yarns and saying, ``This is good! This is a bit strange...'' and we are having fun developing new four-grained yarns. lol

Even if the color is nice when it comes to yarn, the atmosphere is often completely different when it comes to the finished product. Part of the fun is developing threads with that in mind, and of course there are times when I make mistakes...On the other hand, when it comes to knits, the colors turn out surprisingly good.

Luxury and original knits full of playfulness and risk

The reason we can do such risky play (in a good way, of course!) with the highest quality cashmere yarn is because we have our own factory and can manufacture to order.

``Yotsuhatsu Cashmere Knit'' has become a luxurious original product that can only be made by UTO.

It may seem a bit strange to call it a play product, but ``Yotsumoku'' is a yarn filled with a mysterious charm that brings joy to both the creator and the customer.

UTO's original knit "Yotsumoku Knit" that you won't find anywhere else. The secret story behind the birth of Yotsutsuji knit, a casual knit that is loved by many people.
UTO Angel Series - How to choose size

UTO's "Angel Muffler/Stole" is available in three sizes .

"Angel's muffler/stole " is a " cashmere knit " stole.

★Knitted stole instead of woven fabric★A fluffy and soft stole made from the highest quality 100% cashmere thread.

We will introduce ``How to choose a stole unique to Angel Stole'' that is different from other brands' stoles.

angel stole large size

Angel stole regular size

angel scarf

Angel Stole Large Size (200cm x 78cm)

A large size that ``envelops your entire body'' with the gentle feel of cashmere when you put it on. It is a recommended size that can be folded in half and used as a lap blanket.

When you wrap it, it's a knit rather than a woven fabric, so it fits comfortably around your neck, and one of the great things about it is that you can enjoy a variety of ways to wrap it and wear it.

afghan roll

Tie the ends to look like a poncho

Fasten it with your belt

It is a size that can be folded in half and used as a luxurious cashmere blanket.

-- Select item of this size --

angel stole large size

Frame color scheme angel stole large size

Angel stole regular size (160cm x 50cm)

Convenient size that can be used as a “shoulder” or “muffler”. As a muffler, it is slightly larger than the "Angel's muffler" and suits people of all body types, and is also recommended as a gift. It's perfect for those who think "Large stoles have too much volume."

You can enjoy wrapping it in more ways than the "Angel's Scarf", and it's a size that allows you to feel the luxury of cashmere without being too big.

A size that allows you to enjoy Milano-maki

Cover the ends and wrap it like a snood.

-- Select item of this size --

Angel stole regular size

angel stall by color border color scheme

Angel stall bicolor stripe color scheme

Angel scarf (150cm x 30cm)

This is a cashmere scarf that is the size of a typical scarf and is easy to use, just wrap it around your neck.

For those who usually wear scarves, this size is recommended as the first piece to enjoy the exquisite feel of cashmere.

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- Comparison -

Volume when rolled

angel stole large size

Angel stole regular size

angel scarf

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When I put it on

angel stole large size

Angel stole regular size

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"Angel's muffler/stole" has been a best seller for 20 years due to its exquisite texture.

Enjoy the exquisite feel of “the finest cashmere knit” in the size and color that suits you.

cashmere color gallery

This year's colors available for UTO's "cashmere knit order" are " 25 colors ."

"What color is this?"
"Which color scheme goes well with this color?"

For such color troubles.

On this page
We are introducing a "color gallery" for each of the 25 colors!

Can't find a color that suits you?

(Wearing "Angel's muffler (150cm x 30cm)")

Off white

"Off-white" is like fluffy "warm snow." It is a warm white with a slight cream color that blends easily with Japanese skin.

Off-white x Eccle beige

Off-white x baby blue

Off white x royal blue

Light gray

The ``light gray'' has a heathered tone and is close to white, making it easy to capture your face.

Light gray x black

Light gray x dark rose

Light gray x baby blue

Light gray x blue green

Medium gray

"Medium gray" is a standard color that can be worn by anyone.

Medium gray x light purple

Medium gray x royal blue

Medium charcoal

``Medium charcoal'', also known as ``charcoal color,'' is a gray for sophisticated adults.

Medium charcoal x black

Medium charcoal x fuchsia pink

Medium charcoal x citron

Medium charcoal x dark violet

Medium charcoal x red


Black is a must-have. The unique knitting pattern is inconspicuous and creates a stylish atmosphere.

Black x baby blue

Black x coffee bean

Black x light gray

Black x medium charcoal


If you look closely, ``Sand'' has a beige and white heather pattern that gives a bright and gentle atmosphere around your face.

Sand x Ecle Beige

Sand x chamois

Sand x camel

Sand x fuchsia pink

Orange x Sand

Eccle beige

The soft and gentle "Eccle Beige" gives a soft and calming impression.

Ecle beige x red

Eckle beige x ice pink

Ecle beige x sand

Eckle beige x navy

Ecle beige x off-white

Ecle beige x leaf green


``Chamois'' has a slight brown color and gives a gentle impression. An original gray for adults created by UTO.

Chamois x navy

Chamois x Sand

Chamois x leaf green

Chamois x ice pink


Camel is a standard item with a sense of style.

Camel x lemon yellow

camel x ice pink

Camel x red

Camel x Sand

Camel x blue green

Coffee bean

A mature color with a deep and bitter taste that combines the warmth of brown and the coolness of charcoal.

coffee bean x indigo

Coffee bean x lemon yellow

coffee bean x black

coffee bean x orange

Ice pink

Soft "ice pink" is a color that women have loved forever.

Ice pink x light purple

Ice pink x ecle beige

Ice pink x chamois

Ice pink x camel

Dark violet x ice pink

Light purple

The ``light purple'' is not too sweet, giving it a dignified atmosphere.

Light purple x fuchsia pink

Light purple x medium gray

Light purple x ice pink

Fuchsia pink

The bright fuchsia pink that immediately catches the eye is an accent color to the basic color. Coordinate with beige or gray to create a mature pink outfit.

Fuchsia pink x dark rose

Fuchsia pink x medium charcoal

Fuchsia pink x sand

Fuchsia pink x light purple


Feel like a Parisienne by using the eye-catching "red" as an accent color in your outfit. The bright red knitwear you wear in winter is a little special.

Red x medium charcoal

Red x Eccle beige

Red x camel

Dark Rose

Dark rose, a deep red like red wine, is a color that stands out in winter landscapes.

Dark rose x navy

Dark rose x indigo

Dark rose x light gray

Dark rose x fuchsia pink

Baby blue

"Baby Blue" is a bright and gentle blue that looks just like the blue sky. It has a gentle and cool color that gives you the feeling of a cool snowy landscape.

Baby bull x off white

Baby blue x black

Baby blue x light gray

Lemon yellow

The pale and soft yellow color will make you feel happy just by wearing it.

Lemon yellow x camel

Lemon yellow x coffee bean


A denim-like color that goes well with casual outfits.
Also recommended for men.

Indigo x Citron

Indigo x dark rose

Indigo x navy

Indigo x coffee bean

Royal Blue

``Royal Blue'' is a deep color that immediately catches the eye.
An elegant accent color for adults.

Royal blue x off white

Royal blue x medium gray


Leave the urban and sophisticated atmosphere to "Navy."

Navy x Eccle beige

Navy x Chamois

Navy x Indigo

Navy x dark rose


Add a splash of color to your winter outfits with vitamin colors. It's a deep wintery orange color.

Orange x Sand

orange x coffee bean


Citron has a light image and is a unique color that combines sweetness and coolness.

Citron x Indigo

Citron x Medium Charcoal

Leaf green

A rich green color similar to rich matcha.
This color is recommended not only for women but also for men.

Leaf green x ecle beige

Leaf green x chamois

Blue green

A deep color with green added to blue.
It is a comfortable color with a gentle impression.

Blue green x light gray

Blue green x camel

Dark violet

The subtle dark violet is a surprisingly versatile color.
Try wearing it as a basic color.

Dark violet x ice pink

Dark violet x medium charcoal

With just one way to wrap it,
You can enjoy various color expressions.

Weaving is as sweet and fluffy as possible,
"Angel's knitting fabric"

The smooth texture of the ``Angel Series'' gives comfort to your neck.

Connect the remaining threads

The craftsman thinks about the "color scheme" while thinking about the colors within the determined thread,
The leftover threads are tied together to form a "single thread" for knitting.

Angel with one-of-a-kind color scheme at an eco-friendly price

Where the color changes when knitting,
The seam will appear in the middle of the knitted fabric.

Most people say they don't care, but
Various colored mufflers/stole
It is sold as an "eco product" .

Random combination of leftover cashmere threads
luxurious and playful
Please enjoy "Angel's Stole".

*Eco price 20% OFF
*50 colors/
each color scheme - limited to 1 item

Light and gentle cashmere texture

Spring cashmere “Thronting Series” is
We use cashmere yarn (single thread) that is thinner than the autumn/winter cashmere "Tenshi Series".

Keeps the soft feel of cashmere that is gentle on your bare skin.

Lighter and smoother,
A muffler stole with a cool impression.

(Right) Spring cashmere “Thronting Muffler”
(Left) Autumn/winter cashmere "Angel's muffler"

"Thronting Series" is compared to "Angel Series",
The knitted fabric has a smooth appearance.

It's about half as thin.

Even cashmere is so "light".

~Transparently thin cashmere~Thronting muffler/100% cashmere

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 160cm x width 32cm
price: ¥19,800 (tax included)

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~Transparently thin cashmere~Thronting Stole Middle/100% cashmere

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 155cm x width 65cm
price: ¥39,600 (tax included)

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``Thronting Stole'' perfect for traveling

The exquisite feel of cashmere is moist and gentle on sensitive skin.

A very light and smooth cashmere knit stole.

The soft knit blends into your skin and protects you from the slight chill at night.

You can enjoy various ways of using it, such as putting it on or wrapping it.

Large size that wraps around your entire body.
Cashmere protects you from the chilly weather.

We have a wide range of colors ranging from light colors to colors that can be used regardless of the season.

Also goes well with spring coordination ◎
This stole is perfect for "going out" such as traveling.

One for going out.
A silky, exquisite cashmere stole
What do you think.

~Transparently thin cashmere~Thronting Stole Middle/100% cashmere

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 155cm x width 65cm
price: ¥39,600 (tax included)

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``Thronting muffler'' to take with you when you go out.

The exquisite feel of cashmere is moist and gentle on the bare skin.

Long and very light
This is the finest cashmere scarf.

The length is 160cm.

The thin and soft muffler does not add too much volume around the neck,
You can enjoy a variety of light winding methods.

When "knitting single yarn", the ends become diagonal,
For a muffler with a sharp impression.

The knit-like design is impressive,

It has an elegant atmosphere without unnecessary decorations and will make your everyday outfit look mature just by wearing it.

We also have a wide variety of muffler sizes and colors.

Warm during the day and cool at night

How about a lightweight cashmere scarf that is perfect for going out?

~Transparently thin cashmere~Thronting muffler/100% cashmere

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 160cm x width 32cm
price: ¥19,800 (tax included)

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Gift for "Mother's Day"
A thoughtful gift made from the finest cashmere

This year's Mother's Day is on May 14th.

"thank you as always"
"Be well forever"

We sincerely create the best gifts to show your gratitude to your loved ones.

Because it's "Mother's Day"
UTO cashmere knit

Each piece is made with sincerity.
UTO cashmere knit.

--Can be used for many years --Exquisite texture that makes you want to touch it all the time--Easy to wash at home , so you can use it daily
--“Aftercare” when a hole opens

``Cashmere knit wrapped in warmth'' is born from the ``sincerity'' of careful craftsmanship.

Such cashmere knit,
Would you like to gift it to someone special?

No matter which cashmere knit you choose, I'm sure your mom will be happy with it.

...However, choosing a gift can be confusing no matter what you do.

Therefore, we would like to introduce four items that we wanted to give on Mother's Day, as well as items that were actually chosen by our customers as gifts for their mothers.

Please keep in mind the face of the mother you are gifting the gift to when choosing.

4 cashmere gifts

-- Gift of 10,000 to 20,000 yen --

▽ 01/02 “Gift of a “standard muffler” loved by everyone”

-- Luxury gifts over 20,000 yen --

▽ 03 “Gift for those who like going out”

▽ 04 “The gift of the most luxurious stole”

Gift of 10,000 to 20,000 yen

01/02 “A gift of a classic muffler loved by everyone”

angel muffler fronting muffler

angel scarf

The most recommended item.

From the "Angel series" that has been loved for 20 years,
The smallest and easiest to use "muffler size".

Fluffy and melty.
Delicate cashmere thread is knitted to the utmost sweetness,
It has been loved for many years for its enchanting feel.

It's very gentle on the skin,
Recommended as a gift for people with sensitive skin or the elderly.

There are 25 colors to choose from.
You can choose a color while keeping in mind the color that suits your mother.

Thronting muffler

Knitted with cashmere thread that is thinner than "Angel's Scarf",
A thin cashmere scarf that gives you silky lightness and warmth.

It's thin enough to be see-through and can be used all year round, so it's recommended for those who want to give their mom a scarf she'd like her to use now.

This is also very gentle on the skin,
Great as a gift for those with sensitive skin or the elderly.

There are 6 colors to choose from.

angel scarf

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 150cm x width 30cm
price: ¥13,200 (tax included)

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Thronting muffler

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 160cm x width 32cm
price: ¥19,800 (tax included)

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more upscale and luxurious
Gifts starting from 20,000 yen

A special item that you want to give to your loved ones with all your heart.
How about a luxurious cashmere knit?

03 “Gift for those who like going out and traveling”

Thronting stall

The exquisite feel of cashmere is moist and gentle on sensitive skin.

A very light spring cashmere knit stole.

Put it on or wrap it.

Large size that wraps around your entire body.
Cashmere protects you from the chilly weather.

As it is thin and very light,
It is easy to carry and is the perfect stall for going out.

If you want to give it to someone who loves going out and traveling,
We recommend this ``thin cashmere stole''.

Thronting Stole Middle

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 155cm x width 65cm
price: ¥39,600 (tax included)

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04 “The gift of the most luxurious stole”

angel stole large size

This is a luxurious "large size" stole from the "Tenshi Series" that is fluffy and has the finest texture.

It is large enough to wrap around your entire body when you put it on.
You can fully enjoy the warmth of cashmere.

It is also recommended to fold it in half and use it as a ``lap blanket'' when you are at home.

Wrapped in the warmth of double cashmere,
Perfect temperature adjustment in spring and summer.

You can use it comfortably all year round.
It is a "versatile stole".

The "angel's touch" feels so good that you won't be able to let it go.

Due to its exquisite texture and luxurious size, it is also sold at inns.

Would you like to give your mother a stole that "gives you happiness"?

angel stole large size

material: 100% cashmere
Size: length 200cm x width 78cm
price: ¥46,200 (tax included)

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△ 01/02 “Gift of a “standard muffler” loved by everyone”

03 “Gift for those who like going out”

04 “The gift of the most luxurious stole”

We are particular about the texture that we have cultivated with cashmere.
High-quality silk T-shirts that are like a feast to enrich your body and mind.

What Cashmere UTO is newly delivering is:
This is a ``high-quality silk T-shirt'' that has been made with years of technology and material research to ensure quality.

Silk material has fascinated people for 4,000 years.
Its beauty and comfort are first-class, giving it a sense of luxury and luxury that cannot be found in cotton.

The silk used in UTO is
Among them, 100% silk "spun silk" is used every year due to its unique smoothness.

Each piece is knitted from spun silk,
We deliver ``luxury silk T-shirts'' that combine luxury and the finest feel created by ``high-quality materials and cashmere craftsmanship''.

Super comfortable to wear without stress

The most distinctive feature is the "extremely smooth feel" created from silk spinning.

Different from cashmere,
It has a melt-in-your-mouth texture that you won't want to let go of once you touch it.

The silk thread we use is an extremely high-quality silk thread from a Japanese spinning company that is world-famous for its silk materials.

``Silk spinning'' is made by cutting silk thread, returning it to cotton, and spinning it into soft silk thread, which is softer and smoother than original silk.
This "fluffy spun silk" is lightly brushed (fluffy processed) to make it smoother, and is woven by UTO cashmere craftsmen to create a "crafted texture."

It has a unique and exquisite feel that is only possible because of the amount of time and effort put into the material.
Even when you're wearing it, it's so smooth that you don't even feel like you're wearing it, even when you sweat.
Would you like to experience the ultimate stress-free experience?

Luxurious 100% silk T-shirt for daily wear

This "silk spinning" has been subjected to "world-class research and processing technology",
Although it is made of delicate 100% silk material, it can be worn daily.

・Silk (washable) that can be easily washed at home
- Virtually no whitening - Even after washing more than 30 times, the texture remains almost unchanged and does not stretch.

*Whitening of silk: A phenomenon in which the color turns white and fades due to friction. Silk has this phenomenon, which is why you rarely see ``100% silk T-shirts.''

Silk material can be worn daily with confidence.
This is a luxurious T-shirt.

Stays dry and cool even in the middle of summer.
Silk material that can be worn all year round

Silk, which has been loved for many years, is very functional.

Another good thing about silk is that it has excellent moisture absorption and moisture release properties.

It quickly absorbs and releases sweat and stickiness,
Stay dry and comfortable even in summer.
You don't have to worry about stuffiness or getting cold due to sweat.

rare in the world
Custom made T-shirts

Such a luxurious "silk T-shirt",
UTO will custom-make the size that suits you!

◇Color: Greige, Navy, Black, Blue Gray, Red ◇Size: 2S - 4L
◇Length and sleeve length can be adjusted

Cherish each piece.

This is a custom-made service for silk T-shirts that is unique to UTO, which has its own factory.

From knitting to sewing to natural drying to finishing,
We make each piece with care and sincerity.

plain simple design

The colors are 3 basic colors,
+Two beautiful colors have been added.

Washable silk T-shirt

Material: 100% washable silk
Price: ¥41,800 (tax included)

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Made using techniques cultivated with cashmere.

UTO's cashmere craftsmen, who knit delicate, top-quality cashmere knits year-round, are acutely aware of the importance and preciousness of the material. The more quality is important to high-quality materials, the more time-consuming research is essential.

Daily material research creates the best knits, such as ``bringing out a good texture,'' ``keeping its shape,'' and ``comfortable to wear.''

This is our third year of continued research into this silk material (spun silk).

Although it takes time to make it carefully, it may be a drawback as it can only be made in small quantities. Please enjoy the ``excellent knit'' that is carefully made without sparing effort.

Washable silk T-shirt

Material: 100% washable silk
Price: ¥41,800 (tax included)

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Give a unique gift for Father's Day 2022! UTO's exclusive cashmere heather collection

Father's Day comes every year. This year, I'm going to give you a slightly different gift.

This year's Father's Day is June 19, 2022.

Have you decided on a gift for Father's Day this year?
Every year on Father's Day, there are probably many people who have already given so many things that their options are gradually decreasing.

A father who is very particular.
My father is always working hard.
You yourself are the person behind the “dad”.

What kind of person would you like to gift a special item to?

"For Father's Day, I want to give him something unique that no one else has."
“Come to think of it, I didn’t have a chance to give you the cashmere scarf.”
"It's okay to reward yourself, even your father."

To all of you.
UTO has prepared a ``slightly unusual gift'' that will make you look forward to the cold season.

Recommended as an unusual gift for Father's Day! UTO cashmere heather

An unusual present made by UTO for Father's Day.
It is the "One-of-a-kind Cashmere Heather Collection."

Normally, the season for cashmere is fall and winter.
However, because we are currently in the off-season, we have taken the time to create the special ``Cashmere Heather Collection''.
Demand may be low because it's about to get warmer.
However, I want to do my best to deliver what I can only do now.

The Cashmere Heather Collection is packed with all the ``specialties'' that can only be made now.
So, that's all I'm talking about here, and there are only a few.

It's a little too late to wear it, but I want my dad to be able to use it as soon as it gets cold.
I thought it would be nice to have a gift that would make people look forward to the cold weather.

What kind of “cashmere heather” do you want to give for Father’s Day? A story about carefully selected threads and knitting patterns.

■“Heather thread” that makes you stand out from the others

UTO's cashmere products are made from fluffy cashmere thread.
Most standard threads are basically made of yarn twisted with one color of cotton, but for Father's Day, we have prepared a ``heather yarn'' that is made with cotton of several colors.
In addition, the muffler and hat are made with ``Yotatsu-Heki Ito'', which is twisted in four different colors.

We call it "heather" when you can enjoy the deep color of the heathered thread and enjoy a premium feel that is different from the surroundings.

■Elaborate “knitted pattern” that brings a special feeling

The Father's Day cashmere heather collection is made with particular attention to knitted patterns.

Double ridge knitting with uneven front and back sides, and cable knitting with a nice large pattern.
I made something a little different from the usual plain jersey knit.
Just by changing the way you weave, you can make a big difference in the look, so I think you can enjoy the freshness.

The cashmere heather collection is perfect for Father's Day, as the gentle texture of cashmere makes you happy to wear it, and the heather color makes it fun to wear.

Why UTO recommends cashmere heather for Father's Day.

■Creates a special feeling that is perfect for an unusual gift for Father's Day

We will deliver a limited number of items that you won't find anywhere else only during Father's Day.

``Four heather'' and ``a beautiful three-dimensional effect created by special weaving methods'' that can only be achieved now that the season is off.
The combination of these two brings a premium feel that is unique to today.

A unique gift perfect for stylish dads who want to stand out from the crowd.

■Creating a one-of-a-kind item that cannot be imitated for a single father.

All products in the ``Cashmere Heather Collection'' for Father's Day are limited to one item.
A one-of-a-kind item that cannot be imitated by others may be a gift that will touch your father's heart.

If you are interested in something, please buy it as soon as possible before it is sold out.

■A selection of products perfect for Father's Day gifts.

Heather cashmere coat/jacket

This year's Father's Day is especially special and I want to express my gratitude! Here is what we recommend for you.

Each design is unique, and these heather cashmere coats and jackets have a strong presence.
Coats and jackets made with plenty of cashmere heather thread are sturdy and warm.
Why not use Father's Day as an excuse to treat yourself?

heather cashmere sweater

This sweater is also made with luxurious cashmere heather thread.

We created it so that you can wear it in a warm and relaxing way while still having a stylish atmosphere.
This item is recommended not only as a gift, but also as a treat for yourself on Father's Day.

Four heather cashmere muffler

This is a four heathered scarf with a bouncy texture that allows you to enjoy the texture of ``both ridge knitting''.

Four heathers are perfect for accenting the neck. This scarf is also recommended as a Father's Day gift for those who are new to cashmere products.
When it comes to cashmere, some people may be a little nervous because they are not familiar with it, but I think you can easily use it as a small everyday accent.

Four heathered cashmere knit cap

The fluffy three-dimensional feel of the cap and the depth of the four heather colors go perfectly together and create a stylish atmosphere.
Adding a little bit of color will add color to your outfit.
If you are thinking of giving an accessory as a Father's Day gift, why not give it as a slightly different gift?

[Father's Day] Product page >>

For Father's Day, give a unique gift with "Cashmere heather just for now"!

Cashmere during the off-season.
As a suggestion for a slightly unusual gift for this time of year, we have put our heart and soul into creating a heather collection using luxurious cashmere thread.
Please take this opportunity to experience the premium feel that UTO provides.
We wish you and your father happiness in the fall and winter, starting from this warm season ahead.
Father's Day comes every year. This year, I'm going to give you a slightly different gift.
Prevention of pilling in cashmere knits

Pilling is called "pilling" in the industry.

Some people have the misconception that "cheap cashmere will pill, and expensive cashmere will not." However, this does not mean that some cashmere can pill and others cannot.

Basically, all wool materials, not just cashmere, pill.

Cashmere knits are something you want to take good care of, so if you learn about the mechanism by which pilling occurs and wear it based on that knowledge, you will be able to wear it more comfortably without pilling.

Causes of hairballs

There are two main reasons why hairballs form.
They are " friction " and " entanglement ".

"Pilling" is a state in which the fibers in the parts that are not twisted into the yarn (pile feet) are entangled with each other, forming a ball as the name suggests.

The fibers that come out from the twisting of this thread are what gives cashmere its fluffy and soft feel.

"Foreign objects" and "static electricity"

The source of pill formation is called the "pill nucleus," and most of the triggers are foreign objects or static electricity.

Foreign objects are not only those that are visible to the naked eye, but also objects such as broken fabrics such as jackets, and particles floating in the air that can cause "pill nuclei" to form. This will cause it.

Also, the static electricity that occurs in the winter causes the fibers to stick together, which can cause them to become tangled. 

"humidity" and "heat"

This "humidity" and "heat" are the main points that cause pilling.

In the pilling test, the speed at which the fibers raised by rubbing become entangled is that when rubbing normally at room temperature, the pill grows like a gradual addition, but when moisture or water is applied, the pill grows rapidly like a multiplication. When it grows and heat, especially heat above body temperature, is added to it, the pilling speed becomes even faster.

Why does water and humidity have such an impact?
This is because the cuticles of each wool fiber open when exposed to water or high humidity, making them more likely to get tangled.

Ease of pilling depending on the material

Pilling test "Pilling test"

There is a third-party hair product inspection association called JWIF (JWIF), commonly referred to as hair inspection in the industry.

Here, we conduct a test called the "Pilling Test" to measure the ease with which pilling occurs.We put multiple knitted fabrics in a cork-lined box and rub them together for a certain period of time ( 5 hours) to see how much they pill. The degree of pill formation is determined from grade 1 to grade 5 . ( The larger the number, the less likely pilling will occur )

In the case of UTO 's cashmere products, they are grade 3 to 4 in the pilling test ( ICI ), and cashmere is generally grade 2, so this is not a problem at all as a product. 

Ease of pilling of each animal hair fiber

Natural wool's fibers are curly and tend to roll up easily.

Because of this crimp, you can create a fluffy yarn that is resistant to tension without having to twist it so tightly when spinning.
By curling up and trapping air to increase heat retention, it plays an important role in protecting you from the outside air.

This crimp also has its own characteristics depending on each animal, and some types are more prone to pilling and others are less likely to do so.

The order in which common animal hair fibers tend to pill (shrinkage) is as follows:

★Angora > Rum > Cashmere > Camel > Mohair > Alpaca

Among animal hairs, angora is the most prone to pilling, alpaca is relatively less prone to pilling, and cashmere is somewhere in between.

Also, the fibers of alpaca, which are less likely to pill, tend to be straight and do not have many crimps, so they tend to fall out before pilling.

However, this is just a characteristic of the fiber, and it varies considerably depending on how the product is made and how it is worn.

cashmere goat

Measures against pilling

1. Reduce friction

Wearing a sweater can be said to cause friction.
Therefore, although it is not possible to eliminate friction, it is possible to reduce the degree of friction.

For example, it is recommended to avoid the following cases:

When you wear it as a jacket, the friction is mainly from your own arms, but there have been cases where the back has rubbed against the wool seats of cars and other cars, causing pilling.

What I don't really notice is the jacket when layered over a sweater.
In particular, unlined tweed jackets have strong friction and are prone to pilling.

In addition, when a bag made of canvas products rubs against it, pilling may occur only in the area that the bag touched.


2. Measures against foreign objects and static electricity

Pills can be caused by fibers getting tangled on their own, or by foreign objects or static electricity causing fibers to stick together and become tangled.

When we say foreign matter, it is more like minute pieces of fiber than visible dirt. Frequent brushing is the best way to get rid of these hairballs.

Just a little brushing before putting it on and putting it away makes a big difference.
I will untie the pill nucleus that is about to get tangled.

3. Measures against stuffiness (humidity/temperature)

You also need to be careful about how often you wear them and when doing strenuous exercise.
Especially men, some people wear the same clothes for several days in a row, so be careful.

For example, if you drive a car wearing a sweater inside a jacket, the part of your body that was held down by the seatbelt will become pilled within 4 to 5 days.
There have been cases where people have worn it inside a windbreaker and played golf all day and ended up with pilling in their armpits.

These are typical examples of continuous wear, stuffiness, pressure and chafing.
Be careful not to get stuffy.

UTO doesn't want you to wear a sweater every day, even if you like it.

・After wearing it for one day, let it rest for about two days to allow time for the moisture accumulated in the fur to release. ・Brush and tame any tangled fur.

How to deal with hairballs that have formed

The source of pilling is tangles of hair fibers, so the only thing you can do is untangle or remove them.

Recommended method for removing hairballs

If a pill forms, it is best to cut it off with scissors without pulling it.
However, if you are not careful, you may end up cutting the body of the sweater (I have also tried and made the mistake of cutting this).

These days, ``easy pill removers'' that are similar to shaving have been released.
If you carefully stroke the surface with a pill remover, it will come off fairly cleanly, so it is safe and recommended.

Pill removal machine

Will my sweater become thinner if I remove the pill?

Some people are worried that removing the pilling will make the sweater thinner, but as long as you remove the pilling from the surface, there is no problem.


The source of pilling is tangles of hair fibers, so the only thing you can do is untangle or remove them.
To remove tangles, comb or brush with a ``soft-bristled brush'' (brushes specifically made for cashmere are also available commercially).

[Aside] Cashmere does not pill

When I first heard this, I was surprised and thought, "Wow! That's possible," but now I'm more like, "Wow!"
But it's an amazing technique.

"Preshrunk yarn" with scientific processing

This is a microscopic world seen through a microscope, and as I mentioned earlier, the cuticles of wool fibers open and become easily tangled in wet or humid conditions. It involves removing it or wrapping the cuticle in a membrane.

In the industry, it is called ``preshrunk yarn,'' but it seems like many of the sweaters that have been distributed in large quantities in recent years are made of preshrunk yarn.

Normally, the wool fibers breathe, making it dry when it's humid and moist and comfortable when it's dry, but the unique qualities of wool are lost.

On the other hand, it doesn't shrink or pill even if you wash it a little hard.

There is no doubt that the material is 100% wool/100% cashmere, but personally, I personally feel that a sweater with this kind of processing feels soft, but somehow lacks elasticity.

Smooth wool doesn't have a fluffy feel and is unreliable, like castrated wool, so I have no plans to use it as a UTO.

However, I think that shrink-proof yarn is useful when supplying woolen sweaters that can be easily washed by many people.

Are hairballs more likely to form in the beginning?

This is a story from my own experience as I love cashmere and wear cashmere sweaters most of the winter.

From my experience of wearing cashmere for over 30 years, I have found that cashmere pilling is most likely to occur when you first purchase it, and if you use a pill remover to remove it each time it occurs, it will gradually become less noticeable. There are many.

There are some that don't pill at all, and some that are easy to pill.
If you remove items that tend to pill as often as possible during the first year, they will gradually become less pillable in the second and third years.

It's a shame that we can't just casually say, ``You'll no longer be able to do it eventually,'' as there hasn't been any detailed scientific research and this is just a rule of thumb.

We will explain in detail about pilling, including ``Causes and countermeasures for cashmere pilling'' and ``How to deal with pilling.''

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About knitting

Don't you think that "knit = sweater"? We have summarized the basic knowledge of knitting, including what it is, its history, and characteristics.

First of all, what is knitting?

First of all, what is knitwear? Sweaters are, of course, knits. Cut-and-sew items such as T-shirts are also knitted. Also, the socks and gloves are knitted. Non-knit items include jackets, skirts, pants, blouses, shirts, and coats. These are called fabrics, not knits. Knits are fabrics that are knitted in the form of loops. Sweaters and T-shirts with looped fabrics are knits, even if they are thick or thin. Since it is loop-shaped, it can expand and contract. This expansion and contraction is the biggest feature of knitwear, and the fabric expands and contracts with your body movements, making it comfortable to wear. Unlike knitted fabrics, fabrics do not stretch or contract because they are woven with warp and weft threads crossing each other. This means that you can make a stable cloth. (Some fabrics have spun threads woven into them to allow them to expand and contract.)

history of knitting

It is said that knitwear originated from Arabian nomads. Did a shepherd make yarn from the wool of his own sheep, put the ball of yarn in his pocket, sit on a stone by the roadside, and weave it while watching over his sheep? Handiwork while chasing sheep on a green meadow. An idyllic scene comes to mind, but if that's the case, was knitting a man's job?

The basics of knitting is hand-knitting. Hand-knitting is so versatile that it is said that there is nothing that cannot be knitted by hand. In hand-knitting, each stitch is knitted using two knitting needles, and as the stitches progress, the loop-shaped stitches increase laterally to form the fabric. The flat knitting machine is a mechanized version of hand knitting. Each needle lined up in the machine plays the role of knitting needles. Sweaters are knitted in this way.

How to knit and its characteristics

There are many knitting fabrics, but the basic ones are jersey knitting and rubber knitting. In the industry, it is called Tenjiku, but Tenjiku is a flat knit. Tenjiku has a front stitch and a back stitch, and the front stitch is a knitted fabric with vertically lined knitted fabrics that are light, have uniform stitches, and are rich in luster. Especially when it comes to fine gauge fabrics such as cashmere, the key is to make the knitted fabric evenly and neatly. The back stitch has knitted fabric lined up horizontally and looks sparser than the front side, so it looks a little more casual. French designer Sonia Rykiel seems to like this purl stitch and uses it a lot, especially for borders, which she is particularly good at.

The side edges of knitted fabrics are called ``ears,'' and because the knitting structure on the front and back of jersey fabrics is different, the sills tend to curl up. When the sweater is turned into a sweater, the sides and bottom of the sleeves are sewn, so you can't tell, but if you put the freshly knitted fabric on a flat surface, it will curl up from both sides. The rolls on the cuffs and hem take advantage of this feature. If you knit without doing anything from the beginning, it will end up rolling, so I usually use elastic knitting or bag knitting at the beginning of knitting the hem and cuffs to prevent it from curling up.

Elastic knitting is a knitted fabric that is useful for hems and cuffs that stretch and contract. I think that many orthodox sweaters are knitted by combining these two knitted fabrics: rubber knitting and jersey knitting. The ribbed parts of the hem and cuffs start with 5-6 cm of elastic knitting, and the entire body is made of jersey knitting. When I talk to someone on the phone and they say, ``It's a regular sweater,'' I usually imagine that they're talking about a sweater with this kind of ribbing made of rubber and most of it made of jersey fabric. Rubber knitting is also often used for the collar. Turtlenecks in particular have the wonderful stretchability that is unique to knits, as they widen enough to accommodate your head and fit around narrow necks.

There are various types of rubber knitting. Needle stands can be used to create different looks and elasticity, such as 1×1 (one-by-one), in which the front and rear needles of the flat knitting machine are used alternately, and 3×3 (san-san), in which three needles are used alternately. It's going to change. In general, the higher the number, the less elasticity there is. This knitting method is called all-needle knitting, and technically there are fabrics that are knitted using all the needles at the front and back of the knitting machine. You can tell by looking at the elastic knitting on your sweater, but if you count the mountains on the front and the mountains on the back, you can easily tell whether it's 1x1 or 3x3. However, it is hard to tell whether it is 2×1 or 2×2 because they look the same, and it is difficult to explain. In fact, I'm not even sure if I understand it properly. It's difficult to decide whether it's 2×1 or 2×2, but at my level it doesn't really matter, so I'll leave it to the professional knitters.

Another typical knitting method for cuffs and hems is bag knitting. If you pinch the front and back sides of the bag knitting, you will see that it is double layered and has a bag shape. This is a knitting method that is difficult to do by hand or using a home machine. It is often used in place of rubber knitting, and the finely arranged stitches give it a clean look. The hems, cuffs, and collars of some of U.T.O's basic series are made of this bag knitting. When it is intended to be worn as an inner layer, I often use bag knitting to make the hem and cuffs look slimmer and neater when worn under a jacket.

There are various other knitted fabrics. ``Rift knitting'' resembles the ridges of a field, ``cable patterns'' that express a rope pattern with continuous twists, and ``lace patterns.'' ``Intarsia'' and ``Jacquard,'' which can be made in multiple colors or patterns, etc. By combining various knitted fabrics, countless expressions are possible.


Knit is a knitted fabric that stretches and contracts, while fabric is a woven fabric that does not stretch or contract.

What is cut and sew?


There are two types of knitting: ``forming'' and ``cutting.'' What's the difference between them? A knit sweater usually consists of five parts: front body, back body, right sleeve, left sleeve, and collar.

Cut and sew for basic knit forming

There are two types of knitting: ``forming'' and ``cutting.'' What's the difference between them? A knit sweater usually consists of five parts: front body, back body, right sleeve, left sleeve, and collar. This may be the same for fabrics, but the parts are made of knitted fabric, and shaping is the process of shaping these parts while knitting them.The knit is knitted like a cloth in advance, and then the parts are cut. Cut and sew is the process of sewing.

cut and sew.jpg

In contrast to flat knitting, which knits ordinary knits (mainly sweaters), there is a machine called circular knitting, which knits fabric into a tube shape by spinning around in circles. This machine is called a circular knitting machine. Since the knitted fabric is tubular, it cannot be made into a sweater as is, so it is cut into square pieces, then cut according to the pattern and sewn. It's called cut and sew. He is what is commonly called a cut and sew. Most T-shirts are made using this method. However, there are cases where the fabric is knitted not only on a circular knitting machine but also on a flat knitting machine, then cut and sewn.

In any case, "cut and sew" is the term used in knitting for molded knitwear.