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The finest knit that melts in your mouth, made by Cashmere UTO

The finest knits made by Cashmere UTO are "the finest silk knits that melt in your mouth."

It is knitted with a supple silk thread called ``silk spinning''.

"Silk spinning" is made by spinning silk thread into a fluffy,
In addition to the natural feel and luster of silk, this yarn has added ``fullness'' and ``softness.''

Knitted with silk spinning (Kenboshi)

The silk cloth is made by bundling and weaving several thousand meters of silk thread, but the silk used for knitting isLong raw silk is cut short to make cotton, and the cotton is spun into

Because it spins silkSilk spinningIs called.

Silk spinning is a touch unique to knitwear

The goodness of silk spinning isWhile maintaining the goodness of silk, it contains air and is soft and gentle to the touch.Is a feature.

Silk spinning used to beIt was made from yarn and waste cocoons that came out from the yarnIt seems that the evaluation was low at the beginning, but nowHigh-grade yarn made by cutting raw silk for silk spinning from the beginningis.

Made with the technology cultivated in cashmere

Even if it takes time, it may be a drawback to make it carefully

UTO craftsmen who make daily products with 100% of the finest cashmere, called wool jewels, are impressed with the importance and preciousness of the materials.
It may be a drawback of UTO craftsmen that they are not good at making many of the same things efficiently and cheaply. Uto