A wide variety of 20 colors

All of UTO's cashmere knit products are
Abundant 20 colorsYou can choose your favorite color from among the.

Calm colors, vivid colors,
All of them are deep and wonderful colors.

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Commitment to color



Cashmere, a material with excellent coloring


As fashion is said to be "made into 1 color, 2 pattern, 3", color is a very important element.
Or rather, I can't think of fashion without color, and color is very important, especially for sweaters.The material called cashmere has a good coloring.It is also one of the features.

(Clear and beautiful coloring)


Cashmere goats are home to white-haired "white cashmere," beige-grey-colored "grey cashmere," and near-black "black cashmere."
Since most of the black cashmere is not harvested, I dye the original hair of white and gray and use it.

Cashmere hair is too delicate to easily pull out colors like wool.
If you dye on top of the color, it will affect the softness.

Therefore, light colors, such as pastel colors, can only be used with white cashmere.
Because there are many bright and clear colors in the color of the UTO, there are many cases where white cashmere is used.



The color of the hair is very important.


A variation of pastel color that can be realized because it is white cashmere.

When cashmere products came to be sold after the war, there were only colors with low brightness, such as camel, gray, wine, indigo, and black.

At that time, these colors were said to be so-called cashmere colors, and it was said that "deep colors that are astringent and cashmere-like", but the reality is that there are few foreign currencies and threads that can be bought in Japan are bought in Europe and the United States, such as expensive white cashmere in brown cashmere or gray cashmere.

Customers who have looked at UTO's bright and colorful colors can be surprised to hear that there are so beautiful colors in cashmere.

(Off-White Beige Brown)




Deep shades are born from a blend of ours.


To tell the truth, the color of UTO pride is not only dyed, but it is made by blending the dyed saw itself.

I use the expression "shallow" and "deep" in color, but it is not only dyed with one color that gives me a solid color that is deep even if it is light.Blending some colors dyed in the state of theIt is because it makes the color.

For example, the UTO-colored "Royal Blue" that develops every year is made by mixing two different colors of blue from three to five colors.

(Royal blue blends these five colors of blue twa)


In certain grays, etc., it seems to include "black + white + pale beige + dark beige + pale purple + blue".

I wonder where blue is in it,"Depth" comes out in the color by blendingRight.
Blue is surely a hidden taste, isn't it?

Blending also serves to prevent color blur due to lot differences.



Is the softness different in color?


Fibers of animal hair, such as cashmere and wool, have the property of bedging and because they become hard.
Because the protein hardens by boiling it for a long time and fixing the dye to the fiber, the darker the color tends to be, the harder it tends to be.

Therefore, even in sweaters made of the same cashmere material, "black" is harder than light colors.
Cashmere is much softer than other animal fibers, so it's hard to notice, but you might find it when you compare the same cashmere to each other.

Therefore, the color with the softest texture, such as the generation to be used without dyeing.


The degree of color is said to be robust.

Because of the characteristics of the animal hair above, there is a conflict between robustness and wind, such as a high degree of robustness so as not to lose color.

However, Toyobo Co., Ltd., which provides yarn to UTO,dye at low temperaturesIt developed a special method called, and attracted attention from all over the world.

Therefore, the yarn of Toyobo-san used by UTO is compared to other cashmere yarns."The color is high" "The texture is soft, too."It is a big feature.

The quality of UTO is supported by masters from various fields.