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Finest silk knit made by Cashmere UTO

Silk spun t-shirt

We are particular about the texture that we have cultivated with cashmere.
High-quality silk T-shirts that are like a feast to enrich your body and mind.

What Cashmere UTO is newly delivering is:
This is a ``high-quality silk T-shirt'' that has been made with years of technology and material research to ensure quality.

Silk material has fascinated people for 4,000 years.
Its beauty and comfort are first-class, giving it a sense of luxury and luxury that cannot be found in cotton.

The silk used in UTO is
Among them, 100% silk "spun silk" is used every year due to its unique smoothness.

Each piece is knitted from spun silk,
We deliver ``luxury silk T-shirts'' that combine luxury and the finest feel created by ``high-quality materials and cashmere craftsmanship''.

Super comfortable to wear without stress

The most distinctive feature is the "extremely smooth feel" created from silk spinning.

Different from cashmere,
It has a melt-in-your-mouth texture that you won't want to let go of once you touch it.

The silk thread we use is an extremely high-quality silk thread from a Japanese spinning company that is world-famous for its silk materials.

``Silk spinning'' is made by cutting silk thread, returning it to cotton, and spinning it into soft silk thread, which is softer and smoother than original silk.
This "fluffy spun silk" is lightly brushed (fluffy processed) to make it smoother, and is woven by UTO cashmere craftsmen to create a "crafted texture."

It has a unique and exquisite feel that is only possible because of the amount of time and effort put into the material.
Even when you're wearing it, it's so smooth that you don't even feel like you're wearing it, even when you sweat.
Would you like to experience the ultimate stress-free experience?

Luxurious 100% silk T-shirt for daily wear

This "silk spinning" has been subjected to "world-class research and processing technology",
Although it is made of delicate 100% silk material, it can be worn daily.

・Silk (washable) that can be easily washed at home
- Virtually no whitening - Even after washing more than 30 times, the texture remains almost unchanged and does not stretch.

*Whitening of silk: A phenomenon in which the color turns white and fades due to friction. Silk has this phenomenon, which is why you rarely see ``100% silk T-shirts.''

Silk material can be worn daily with confidence.
This is a luxurious T-shirt.

Stays dry and cool even in the middle of summer.
Silk material that can be worn all year round

Silk, which has been loved for many years, is very functional.

Another good thing about silk is that it has excellent moisture absorption and moisture release properties.

It quickly absorbs and releases sweat and stickiness,
Stay dry and comfortable even in summer.
You don't have to worry about stuffiness or getting cold due to sweat.

rare in the world
Custom made T-shirts

Such a luxurious "silk T-shirt",
UTO will custom-make the size that suits you!

◇Color: Greige, Navy, Black, Blue Gray, Red ◇Size: 2S - 4L
◇Length and sleeve length can be adjusted

Cherish each piece.

This is a custom-made service for silk T-shirts that is unique to UTO, which has its own factory.

From knitting to sewing to natural drying to finishing,
We make each piece with care and sincerity.

plain simple design

The colors are 3 basic colors,
+Two beautiful colors have been added.

Washable silk T-shirt

Material: 100% washable silk
Price: ¥41,800 (tax included)

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Made using techniques cultivated with cashmere.

UTO's cashmere craftsmen, who knit delicate, top-quality cashmere knits year-round, are acutely aware of the importance and preciousness of the material. The more quality is important to high-quality materials, the more time-consuming research is essential.

Daily material research creates the best knits, such as ``bringing out a good texture,'' ``keeping its shape,'' and ``comfortable to wear.''

This is our third year of continued research into this silk material (spun silk).

Although it takes time to make it carefully, it may be a drawback as it can only be made in small quantities. Please enjoy the ``excellent knit'' that is carefully made without sparing effort.

Washable silk T-shirt

Material: 100% washable silk
Price: ¥41,800 (tax included)

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