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... Though I say 100% of discerning ... cashmere to cashmere, what is different?

For 7-8 years, the cashmere of a very simple price is sold.
In addition, it is large-scale and puts cashmere on sale the year before last in Uniqlo and seemed to create a sensation and "is so different in a price why though it is the same cashmere" I am often asked about と.

I heard the story "that it was awkward that it was asked such a question by a visitor" from a shop. Is simple; think that I doubt.

For a thing selling cashmere, I think it to be "全然違 うのになぁ", but the person who is not a specialty and the too much unfamiliar person may not know the delicate difference every day.

Even if it is said, "it is a feeling involved" in, there is impatience not to be able to tell you about in words and the sentence because it is the difference of the delicate touch and sense, but it is no wonder.

It may not be precise, but let's talk, for example, in the example of such a "story of the soba".


The soba ball which a bottom boiled noodles elaborated by an assembly line to raw materials in large quantities beforehand, and did the 100% of foreign countries buckwheat flour which I laid in stock of from the very much straight production center in large quantities.

"Come" "Soba served at a street stall" to blanch it quickly if と, a visitor wear it, and to also hang the soup which I prepared beforehand, and to tick it away, and to pick up a leek, and to be quick, and to start to a visitor. It is cheap and is a fortunate person with convenience in the interval of busy work.


On the other hand, the soba which I saw it to powder, and I examine feelings, soup stock of the soup closely, and hits the fruit of the soba of the production center where an expert expert selected carefully with a stone mill to the water heartily. It is raw not to mention wasabi to attach.
The service that the flower of the season was displayed in the shop, and was careful to a calm atmosphere.

Meanwhile, exquisite taste and kindness make both the stomach and the heart supreme bliss even if the soba to have sets up the price.


Because it is 100% of genuine buckwheat flour, it is different, and there is neither to the soba. Even 100% of same cashmere is different in the example of the story of these 100% of soba.

There is the raw wool of the cashmere to from a pin by thinness thickness, the length of the fiber, the class including the color, too.
As for it, the price is from a pin, too.

Of course this has much know-how what kind of thread you build up from the raw wool.

"匠 of each process do its best day and night and elaborate the splendid product with good raw materials".


Each product has each purpose, and there is each how to make by the purpose.

There is the company which does its best to reduce it more to be given it by more people. The employee makes an effort towards it day and night.

Can you make the cashmere product of that price if oneself is the person in charge of cheap cashmere?

With confidence "Yes!" です.

"Spinning assumes "the raw wool of a shameless, short low class of the fiber" it in a bit big count" and "write a twist harder" and make た thread, and "I knit sweet めに, and stand" and "I sell the product which "I hung 縮絨 and a softening agent harder" directly to large quantities" and do it.


It is a のところが point, but whenever probably time in the store wears this product with the best texture and washes it, I deteriorate and may be not able to bear the wearing of what season.
But because the cashmere has the softness that is distinguished than other wool, too much unfamiliar never knows even the raw materials having low class even if a thread shop edition place is sweet and may really demand such small amount of cashmere again.


However, "the knit story" in comparison with such other place wants to do a more forward fun braggart "to do such a discerning manufacturing in UTO" on the next time because I am slightly sad.

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