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The finest knits made by Cashmere UTO for you

baby cashmere knit

I want to wear it for myself
Moist and soothing texture

Carefully woven one by one in Iwate,
UTO's "Baby Cashmere Knit"


Very rare baby cashmere

Baby cashmere is the top-of-the-top raw material in the cashmere world.

"Baby cashmere" is
Cashmere babies under 12 months old are born with their first downy hair.

One adult can harvest about 150g ,
Only 30g .
It was knitted with such very rare downy hair.

sweater for yourself
Blissful happiness that only you can feel

Baby cashmere thread is ultra-fine, lighter and softer than regular cashmere thread.

From cashmere knits knitted with such thread,
You can experience the glossy "moist feeling" that can only be experienced with baby cashmere, which is softer and lighter, and the soft texture that you won't be able to live without.


Long and comfortable for over 10 years
UTO 's "Baby Cashmere Knit"

“Baby cashmere knit” made by UTO is
It is woven tightly so that it can be used for a long time.

To enjoy it for a longer time
UTO cashmere craftsmen in Kitakami, Iwate take the time to make it.

To wear it for a long time,
The construction part is also an important point.

In Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture, which is rich in nature,
UTO's cashmere craftsmen, who work with cashmere all year round, create products with particular attention to texture and construction.

In the sewing part that affects the comfort,
Using the artisanal technique of "linking," which connects each eye by hand,
Very comfortable on the skin,
We take extra care to ensure that it retains its shape even after washing.

When drying, do not dry it all at once using a tumbler, etc.
By "natural drying" which takes time.

From drying to finishing, we use the most gentle method to bring out the texture of baby cashmere.

Made with luxurious 100% baby cashmere thread,
The more time and effort you put into the texture (comfort), the more expensive it will be.

However, it is important to create knitwear that can be worn comfortably for many years.
This is UTO's commitment.

baby cashmere knit
You can make it to the size that suits you.

UTO baby cashmere knit
It is possible to order a size by adjusting the length and sleeve length.

Because it's an expensive knit to reward yourself,
Order it in your own size and enjoy it forever.

Even softer and more moist
Baby cashmere knit that you will love

After you receive it, you will feel even more comfortable.
This is the main point of UTO's " Baby Cashmere Knit".

Repeatedly worn and washed,
The “firm” knit is softer,
Changes to a moist texture.

The texture will be most pleasant 2-3 years after delivery.

The longer you wear it, the happier you will feel when you wear it.
How about a knit that will make you love it even more?

You can enjoy it for a long time with peace of mind.
Aftercare service

After delivery, we provide "aftercare service".

UTO will repair any hook holes or insect holes.

Even if it loses its shape or pilling,
We will reset it to look like new.

We promise that you can use it safely and in good condition for a long time.

The "Baby Cashmere" series is a special and luxurious part of UTO's cashmere collection.

Even in the middle of winter when you can feel the crisp cold air,
"Baby cashmere" that gently hugs your body

That warmth will give you a more special and comfortable time than usual.