I get the winter hair of the cashmere goat which changes in the cashmere spring when the hair cannot be cut!

In the video sent from wool production areas such as Australia and New Zealand, when a skilled craftsman cut a round sheep with an electric barican, it is made naked in a blink of an instant, and there is a harvest scene where a cute poor sheep appears. However, the harvest of cashmere is not easy in such a way.


The hair of the cashmere goat is divided into two kinds. One is called hair, and it is a long, gorey bristle that covers the surface. The other is called wool, the hair on the inside of the hair, it's like the feathers of a water bird, and it's a cashmere hair called a "wool jewel" that is very thin, elastic, and used for sweaters and clothing.


Because it is a hair that is growth between hard and long hairs, there is no choice but to cut it with a comb like a rake, and it takes a considerable amount of time and effort.

When I first visited Arashan in Inner Mongolia, China, where cashmere is rather than cashmere's hometown, in 2007, I had the experience of combing cashmere herself.

Because I combed my hair, I thought, "Isn't cashmere painful?" I was quite worried, but I was also relieved for the face that Mr. Tsuji laughed, "It doesn't hurt at all because it falls even if it shuts up when it changes from winter hair to summer hair."

In fact, the cashmere goat at the time of the hair combing has quiet, dull eyes, but after five minutes of combing the hair, my arm becomes a bread pan. It takes a small hour to comb one hair, so it is quite hard work.


The cashmere which was combed with the birth hair was refreshing, and it was feeling that it went to the barber shop. When it is near noon, the outside temperature is over 30 degrees. Because the air is dry, it doesn't sweat, but the sun's light is very intense. Because it is said that the day of nearly 40 degrees continues from now on, it is hot and pitiful as it is winter hair.

Until I came to Inner Mongolia and was actually allowed to experience the hair combing, I was worried that cashmere would be forcibly removed for human beings, so I was able to know the good relationship between the herders and cashmere, and said, "My work is not made up of cashmere sacrifices. It's also good for that cute cashmere."


If soft hair is collected and sand, garbage, hard hair, etc. are removed, the amount that can be taken from one head is only about 170 grams. In the end, it is said that three hairs are needed to make a sweater.

The hair is divided into grades by color, length, thickness, etc.

Even if it is called cashmere in one bite, it is from pin to kiri depending on the grade of hair. Of course, there is a considerable difference in price. To

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