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Knitting story

To knit a sweater, start the body from the hem and the sleeves from the cuffs.


The pattern, the so-called pattern, is indispensable for making clothes. Creating a three-dimensional pattern is a very important task in order to make comfortable clothes that fit a three-dimensional body with a flat cloth that does not expand or contract.

Sweaters are usually made by sewing five parts: front body, back body, right sleeve, left sleeve and collar, but the knit pattern for making these parts is called a "number book" and is a blueprint. It's like.

In the case of fabrics and cut-and-sew, it is necessary to "cut and sew the fabric" for each part according to the pattern, but in the case of knit, the parts are "knitted so that the shape is as written in the number of times".
I mentioned earlier that knits have molding and cut-and-sew, but all UTO cashmere sweaters are knitted by molding.

In this way, the body and sleeves of a sweater are knitted into the shape of parts, which is called "molded knit".

When knitting, the body starts knitting from the hem and the sleeves start from the cuffs. Emotionally, I tend to wonder if we knit from the upper shoulder to the hem, but the opposite is true.

For example, in the case of the predecessor of the inner type of UTO.

First, knit the hem with bag knitting, and then change to tenjiku knitting to knit the body. Since it is squeezed from the hem to the waist (it looks like it extends from the waist to the hem), we will create an angle of shape by reducing the number of stitches on both sides.
The method of reduction is also changed depending on the shape angle, such as reducing one eye every five round trips or reducing one eye every six round trips.

When you reach the thinnest waist, increase it to the armpits while doing the opposite of the reduction. When you reach your armpit, it's an armhole. The chestnuts of the armholes are knitted with the most delicate reduction.


The back body is knitted in the same way as the front body, but the feature is that it is knitted by reducing the shoulder drop. If you check your sweater, you will understand it well.
Sometimes it's a sweater like a turtleneck whose front is hard to see, which is the front? Some people ask me, but it is convenient to remember that it is better to have shoulder reduction.

The good thing about molded sweaters is that by making the shoulders down not on the shoulder line but above the shoulder blades, the sewn area does not hit when you put on your jacket or hang a bag on your shoulder, so there is no looseness. It is one.


In this way, each part of the molded knit is connected by a single thread, so the thread is not wasted.
Rather, it is an expensive thread that is nearly 10 times as expensive as ordinary thread, so the real intention is that even 1 gram cannot be wasted, but careful manufacturing using limited resources will be more popular as ecological wear in the future. I think it is the manufacturing method that can be obtained.

If you make a mistake in knitting, you can untie it and re-knit it, but if there is a mistake in the hem or cuffs at the beginning of knitting, you have no choice but to re-knit the part again.
Therefore, even if there is a request for correction, "I want to make it a little longer or shorter," I have no choice but to re-knit it again.

In addition, although it is a characteristic of cashmere or wool, there is an important process of sewn and sewn as a finishing touch.

When this squeezing is done, the thread becomes loose and soft and soft, but instead the strength against pulling decreases, so it is difficult to partially replace the finished product, which is also the reason why it is difficult to repair. But there is.

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