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Care when your cashmere knit stole gets wet from rain, etc.

during the rainy season. It would be very sad if the weather suddenly changed from sunny to rainy and your favorite clothes got wet.

If it's made of cashmere material, don't you worry about what to do with it?

So this time, I will tell you about " care when your cashmere knit stole gets wet due to rain " !

Is it okay to get cashmere knits wet?

When the delicate cashmere gets wet in the rain...

First of all, the conclusion is that there is no problem with knitwear as long as you simply dry it in the shade (with good ventilation) and let it dry naturally .

It's ok to not be nervous! is.

*In the case of “knit”!

We recommend drying knits flat on a net to prevent them from stretching!

As long as you gently wipe off the water with a towel and dry it in the shade, you can prevent mold from forming, prevent sunburn, and maintain a soft texture.

however! The only thing to watch out for is “ friction ”!

Cashmere goats have “beautiful hair”

Cashmere goat hair has fewer cuticles than other goats (wools) and is smooth!
Therefore, the hair is less likely to get tangled and felt (shrink) than wool, making it a material that is relatively easy to care for.

However, if "friction" occurs when it is wet, it will become felted , shrink, and change its fluffy texture. .

Even with beautiful cashmere, you need to be careful about friction !

Delicate “fabric”
“Knit” is easy to care for

In particular, ``woven'' stoles are characterized by their beauty and luster due to the lack of gaps, and even the slightest amount of felting can cause the ``weave'' to become loose and take away its beauty, so care must be taken.

Water stains: If the hair is woven, the coat will be messy and it will look stained.

vice versa,,,

The good thing about knits is that they are not affected by felting, so you don't have to be so nervous about them, and they are easy to wear every day !

If cashmere gets wet in the rain or snow

① Gently wipe off the moisture with a towel, etc. ② Dry it in the shade and there will be no problem!

The secret to keeping it in the same condition is to be careful about friction while wet !

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