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Cashmere knit tidying up in the season of changing clothes

The season of changing clothes
Cashmere knit easy to clean up at home


UTO Cashmere Knits
The maintenance procedure and the point are .


(1) Beautiful"Water"In theNeutral detergents(Fashionable clothes washing) washing machineHand-washing modeIt is recommended!

Clean.NetFold it up and put it in.
Hand-washing modePlenty of water and short-term washingSetting (water temperature is at room temperature)
In order to reduce friction, the amount of water is large, and the number of sheets is small (1-2 sheets)

Add a neutral detergent (for fashionable washing) as appropriate (don't forget to use a softener)
Dehydration (3-5 minutes)
As much as possiblea flat place(The hanging is extended) and placed on,Natural drying in the shade (flat drying)



(★Hand washing is fine, but it is not recommended to squeeze or towel dry because the fiber is partially pressed, and it is easy to be damaged even though it takes time and effort. )

I often hear people say, "If you wear it two or three times, you'll have to send it to the cleaner's, so it's going to cost you money."

Light and fluffy cashmere knits are delicate and expensive, and should not be 、、、
It might be natural to put it out to the cleaning by worry.

But if you take care of yourself, you can refresh at a reasonable price and become more attached than anything!

Please wash it yourself because it is a cashmere knit that is cherished.


(2) AnywayInsect!!And, it folds neatly and it becomes a closet etc.

"I was eaten by an insect and there was a hole in it."
There's no such thing as that.Insect repellentIf you want toOn top of thatPlease put it, fold it neatly and keep it carefully!

Insect repellent is heavier than air, so it has no effect unless you always put it on your clothes.
In addition, if you use more than one, the drug will seep out, causing spots, so please be careful!

In order to be able to wear it comfortably again next season, I value it with feelings at the time of storage!


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