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“Cashmere raw wool” used by UTO

UTO is a cashmere knit specialty brand that has been using cashmere material for over 20 years.

Iwate's UTO cashmere craftsmen research cashmere materials year-round, having monthly conversations with spinning companies (cashmere yarn shops).

``When it comes to cashmere materials, there is no other brand that is so particular about it,'' says a spinning company employee.We spend a lot of time working with each other, and are particular about quality and texture above all else.

We are particular about the 6 points below that lead to the quality of cashmere.

Among these six items, we would like to introduce UTO's commitment to raw cashmere wool .

What is the grade of cashmere material?

UTO's cashmere knits are made from the world's top-class raw wool .

Raw cashmere wool is graded from grade 1 to grade 9 based on factors such as fiber length and thinness, impurity content, color and degree of crimp, and tension, with grade 1 being the highest. .

The higher the rank, the finer the fineness, the longer the fiber length, and the lower the hair contamination rate.

Only a small number of downy hairs are considered to be grade 1, the highest grade.
The raw materials used by UTO are the rarest and highest grade 1st grade .

The knit is made from first-grade cashmere wool and is supple, soft, and does not irritate the skin.

What region of cashmere do you use?

The raw cashmere wool used by UTO is from "Alashan, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China."

High-quality raw cashmere wool is produced in harsh climates.

Alashan is a region surrounded by harsh climate. It has deserts and high-altitude rocky mountains, and is dry and windy, with maximum temperatures in summer reaching 40-42°C and minimum temperatures in winter reaching -30°C.

The ``downy wool'' that is produced in harsh climate conditions compared to other regions to survive the cold of midwinter is the highest quality raw wool that is called the world's finest cashmere .

Is it really 100% cashmere?
Are you using materials that are kind to your body?

Problems with the description of "100% cashmere" are often discussed, such as the issue of incorrect display of cashmere blend percentage in 2008.

At UTO, in order to give our customers the peace of mind that UTO's cashmere knits are 100% cashmere, we request ``100% cashmere inspection and certification'' from the Hair Product Inspection Association called ``Keken'' .

In addition, we also inspect and obtain certification for whether ingredients that are harmful to the body are used during dyeing, which is an issue not limited to cashmere materials.

(This ingredient is a carcinogenic “specific aromatic amine.” This ingredient is regulated in EU countries and Asia, and it has been regulated in Japan since 2016. I get the impression that relatively many people are concerned about it.)

100% cashmere certificate

Certificate that “specific aromatic amines are not contained in excess of standards”

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For UTO, which makes cashmere knits for a living, if a "cashmere knit quality problem" occurs, there is a possibility of completely losing business.

For this reason, we spare no effort in pursuing "quality and transparency" and only purchase from people we trust.

Story about visiting Alashan, China to check traceability >>

Additionally, we receive many orders as gifts, so we are especially careful to ensure a sense of security.

Spinning and production techniques that make use of raw wool are also important.

The higher the grade of cashmere , the higher the quality of the cashmere wool itself . However , this does not necessarily mean that the quality of the product is good.

Even if high-quality cashmere is used as the raw material, if the spinning and production techniques are poor, the raw material will be damaged and the texture will be lost. In addition to high-quality raw cashmere wool, the technology used to produce the product must also be sophisticated to make the most of the material.

At UTO , we have long been particular about the selection of spinning companies (threads) and production techniques in order to make the most of cashmere materials.

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