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Product birth story: “Cashmere stole that looks like a scarf”

I don't think there are many people who hear the term ``Thronting Stall'' and think, ``Oh, that's what I'm talking about!''

This is because this item, like the "Angel's Stole", is an original UTO product.

scarf-like stole

"I want to make a nice stole with slanted ends."
“It’s unlike anything else in the world.”

One day a long time ago, I suddenly felt that way when I saw a "scarf".


If so, how can I make the ends of the knit at an angle?

“I have no choice but to cut it.”
"If you cut it, it will fray because it's knit."
“To prevent it from fraying, either fold it or attach something to it.”

None of the methods are beautiful, what should I do?


Three years have passed since then...One day, I suddenly remembered something.
In the past, British-made knitwear had a problem because it ran diagonally.

Diagonal British knits

Why did British knitwear go skewed?

The answer is that when making knits, normally twin yarns (two single yarns twisted together) are used, but in the past, in England, single yarns were used.

“If I knit it with a single thread, maybe it will be diagonal?”

From there, the development of the ``diagonal stall'' began.
However, it was very difficult to complete it.

The challenge of creating thin threads with craftsmen

“Is single yarn available in Japan?”
“The spinning shop should have the yarn before double-thread processing...there it was!”

When I found the thread I was looking for, I immediately spoke to a craftsman on the phone.
“Can you really knit with that single yarn?”
"Of course, it's difficult! The yarn is weak because of the wrong count, so it will break." 

Visit the craftsman with the thread and ask for it directly.
"Can't you knit something?" 

It is the craftsmen who cannot simply refuse when someone comes .
I asked her to touch the thread and said, ``Maybe I can knit it. ''

I'll try knitting it anyway.
At first, I knit with some trepidation, taking care not to break the threads. 

"Oh! I can knit! That's amazing! (I'm so happy)"
“Have it finished and it’s completed!! Yatta!”
``But if a craftsman knits each piece one by one, it's an expensive item, at around 40,000 to 50,000 yen, more than twice the price of an autumn/winter stole .''
“Is it possible to knit with a machine and make it affordable while maintaining the same quality

This time we went to UTO's own factory in Iwate.

“I think it would be difficult to knit such thin threads of different counts because even though you can knit them by hand, the machine has a strong pulling force.But I will try!”
“We were not successful with two traditional knitting machines.”
“But, you can knit with the newly introduced knitting machine!”
“Even if you can knit it, the ends are diagonal, making it difficult to finish!” 

Through repeated trial and error, I finally completed a cashmere knit stole with diagonal ends.

The name was given by “Iwate Prefecture”.


After consultation with Kitakami City Hall, Kitakami citizens and Iwate Prefecture residents can apply.

We received 30 applications and received wonderful names such as "SHIRAYURI STOLE" and "Yuka", but we decided on " Thronting Stole " by Mr. Yaba of Morioka City!

A stole that is so thin that it's almost transparent and shines beautifully

Originally I wanted it to be diagonal! The Thronting Stole was completed after a long story that started with a thought.

It's so thin that it's almost see-through, and even two delicate cashmere threads are combined into one, and it's so soft you'll be enchanted.

Nowadays, we have gotten rid of the image of cashmere as an autumn/winter material, and it has been well received as a cashmere stole that you can wear from spring to autumn.

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