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Book "branding of reversal of small and medium manufacturing" Author: uto Toshikazu

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「天使のしおり」はこちら >>

Branding in the small manufacturing reversal

Author Toshikazu

Publisher: genpuku

Fixed price: 800 yen (tax)

Contents introduction

"Kurasato tax" is popular as a return goods, and the product of knitting is a big hit! 

Cashmere knitting maker who realized 1.5 times of sales in short time reveals the secret of product branding to stir consumers' desire to buy 
Japan's "manufacturing" has received a high reputation from the world as well as domestic.
However, it is not said that the high quality goods are dealt with the value that suits the value.

In this book, we will focus on the author's experience in dealing with the failure to solve the problem of "selling a good value to a value worthy of value" in Japan's small and medium manufacturing industry.



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