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Book "The Story of Cashmere and Knit" Author: UTO Uto Toshikazu

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「天使のしおり」はこちら >>

The Story of Cashmere and Knit

Author Toshikazu Uto

Issued by: Ciken Shimbun

List price 1600 yen (excluding tax)

5 format / 183 pages


  • Cashmere is an ugly duckling - a shrunk
  • How to create a different look for each design
  • Cashmere Pullover Hand Washing (1)
  • Cashmere Pullover Hand Washing Recommendations (2)
  • Advice on wool washing
  • "Melyas" by Meryas, a visit to Nanban
  • "Air" is the secret of warmth.
  • Cashmere that doesn't cut hair as easily as a azalea
  • Fashionable Treat - Cashmere 100% Price Difference
  • The MVP of knit pullover spread is Viking
  • "I make it in the size that the customer wants"
  • The first impression of the knit shop's monoloynth / the first meeting "People judge by appearance"
  • A variety of yarns - cashmere is best made in the UK?
  • The cashmere of the angel that Takumi and his wife create
  • It's called 100% wool.
  • A variety of wool - features of
    Sheep, Angola Moheya Alpaca Camel
  • The color of cashmere with various colors
  • Because it is dyed first, it is called "top dyeing"
  • Knitted "gauge" is very reasonable
  • Learn the basic knitted fabric and its features
  • Tengu knitting, ribbing, bag knitting
  • It's not good - knit comfort
  • Knits in the first place - stretching knits, stretching fabrics
  • Knitting in Japan - a large amount of decent products
  • The sloother and dinner of the Japanese restaurant are everyone's sunny stage (so in formal dress)
  • Knit a pullover - from the hem around the body, the sleeve from the cuffs
  • Knits stretch and contract even sewing - Linking
  • The science of hairballs and how to wear them without hairballs
  • Points of cashmere wear & care
  • There seems to be cashmere which can not be a monolothy of the knit shop and the hair ball
  • Be careful of worm-eaten (1) - Himemaru is suspicious
  • Be careful of worm-eaten (2) - Insects also judge "good" and "bad"?!
  • It is very difficult to fix the knit.
  • There seems to be more expensive wool than cashmere.
  • Basic products are "for sale"
  • The Age of Bipolarization - People Who Are Hot and Cold in Fashion
  • Towards making the world's best cashmere knit

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