[Reconstruction support for the Great East Japan Earthquake] Cashmere Angel Bookmark

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Size (cm): Approximately 12 cm x 3.5 cm
Color: We will randomly select
Delivery: We will deliver it by Yu-Mail or Nekoposu. Since it will be posted to the post, you cannot specify the delivery date and time.

Material: 100% cashmere
Knitted fabric: double ridge knitting or rib knitting


Cashmere Angel Bookmark

In October 2011, we moved our factory from Yamanashi to Iwate in search of knit craftsmen.

At that time, the Tohoku region was still in a state of confusion six months after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and nearly 600 people from the coastal areas were evacuated to Kitakami City, which suffered relatively little damage.

We, as newcomers, think that there is something we can do as a corporate citizen, and by raising 100 yen for each cashmere pullover, which is our main business, we can add kerosene to the cold winter in Tohoku. I started donating through Kitakami City to have them do it.
At the same time, we decided to make and sell the softest "Angel Bookmark" in the world, including the appeal of cashmere, and donate 100 yen each time we sell one.

This "cashmere angel bookmark" is handmade one by one by UTO employees, considering the combination of the color of the main body and the color of the bush. It costs about 500 yen per sheet, but it is sold for 300 yen.
Of course, 100 yen was donated to support the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the donations started in 2012 have exceeded 2.3 million yen so far.

However, unfortunately, as time passed, the memory of the tragic Great East Japan Earthquake gradually faded, and the number of donations seems to be decreasing.
As a person who makes things in Tohoku Iwate, I would like to continue to support him as long as the company continues.

Donation year Amount

2012 78,600 yen
2013 130,200 yen
2014 221,400 yen
2015 400,000 yen
2016 400,000 yen
2017 400,000 yen
2018 300,000 yen
2019 400,000 yen

Total 2,330,200 yen


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[Reconstruction support for the Great East Japan Earthquake] Cashmere Angel Bookmark