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UTO cashmere knit and SDGs

We are confident that UTO's cashmere knits are eco-friendly.
UTO is proud to make cashmere knits.

UTO cashmere knit and SDGs

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SDGs ( Sustainable Development Goals )

SDGs are 17 goals adopted by the United Nations that should be achieved between 2015 and 2030 in order to solve various social issues and make the world sustainable .

UTO has been making "cashmere knits " for about 30 years since its founding , but since the SDGs have been raised globally, we have been working with more awareness of " What about our own manufacturing?"

Therefore, this time I wrote about "Cashmere and SDGs" .

Cashmere knit is eco-friendly

``Cashmere goats may have their precious downy hair forcibly harvested from humans.''

``Aren't they being sacrificed by humans? ”, I was worried deep down in my heart.

Since UTO was founded in 1992, Uto has been making cashmere for many years, but that image has stuck somewhere in the back of his mind.

He believed that if by any chance humans abused cashmere to obtain downy hair, he would not be able to do this job.

The world of cashmere in China

During such a period, I visited the `` Mori-san '' who make a living from cashmere in the 1,500 -meter highlands of China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region , and I had the experience of hearing their stories and seeing them with my own eyes. there was.

The biggest gain at that time was " the positive relationship between cashmere goats and humans . "

It is said that if the downy hair of cashmere goats is not combed by humans, it will fall off naturally when it changes to summer hair, or it will be rubbed against rocks etc. to remove the hair.

This can cause sand to get into the coat and damage it, so it is said that it is best for cashmere goats to comb their down coat when it is growing back.

Still, ``Doesn't it hurt when a cashmere goat has its downy hair combed? ' I was still worried.

Seeing my worried expression, Mr. Mori, with a smile on his face, said, ``If you hurt cashmere goats or treat them roughly, they will cry because they don't like it, but since it's cashmere that they've grown, if you take care of it, it won't hurt at all and they won't dislike it.'' Yo.
"Anyway, I'll show you something," he said as he led me to his workplace.

Mr. Mori first turned the cashmere goat over to comb its wool.

Cashmere looked surprised for a moment, but when Mori-san started combing her downy hair with something like a rake, she soon became quiet and her eyes became soft and comfortable.

When I looked at the condition of the cashmere, all my worries disappeared and I felt really relieved.

I want you to wear cashmere with peace of mind.

“The good relationship between cashmere and humans”

During that precious trip where I actually saw and heard about the local area, the most important thing I learned was learning about the relationship between cashmere and humans. 

From that experience, I am convinced that cashmere is an SDG .

Please use UTO's cashmere products with confidence.
However, cashmere is a precious raw material, so we should cherish it and use it with gratitude.

“To the hometown of cashmere (1) Meet the cashmere people of Inner Mongolia” >>

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