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Eko stole of various angels


"I want to get rid of the residual thread of different colors that can't be helped"


As a rule of thumb, ladies' sweaters weigh 250g and men's sweaters weigh around 300g.
Of course, it depends on the size and length. It is just a guide.

The smallest unit to buy thread is 1kg. Not only cashmere yarn but also materials such as wool and cotton are wrapped in 1kg (called corn).

"Lot" is a must-check for both sellers and buyers.
A lot is a unit in which a thread is made (spun), and the lot number is always written on the thread. If this lot number is different, it will be difficult.


The biggest problem with different lots is the different colors, and even if the colors are the same, different lots will be slightly different.
Even if you compare them with threads (corns), you can't understand them at all, and even if you take care and knit with different lots of threads from the middle, the human eye will recognize that they are slightly different.

The human eye is amazing.

(Even if the cotton is dyed in the same way, the color will be slightly different as shown in the photo. To eliminate this difference as much as possible,Blend of 5 cotton (blue)And aim for a similar color.
Still, they don't look exactly the same color.
As an aside, I mixed 5 colors to get the color.Deep colors that are not monotonousWill be. )

If you knit three sweaters that weigh 300g for one piece, the weight is 900g for 300g x 3 pieces. In this case, 1 kg is enough, but if you try to knit another sweater with a different lot of yarn using the remaining 100 g of yarn, you cannot use the same color. Even if I try to knit an angel's stole, it costs 120g per sheet, so I can't knit it. I can't return it (of course!), So I'll wait for a chance to use it as part of the color scheme or make small items, but small cones will accumulate in the factory.


The ultimate "eco stole" made from "Mottainai"


I have to get rid of this residual thread.

Top quality raw materials. A thread that costs 1 kg and costs 10,000 yen.
It's too wasteful that you can't use it because the lot is different.

I squeezed my head every day to somehow cash the precious and expensive cashmere, and this "Various angel stalls"is.

The small remaining thread is connected to a single thread and wound into a cone while imagining the color and quantity of the finished product.

I'm also looking forward to imagining what color threads are left and how many color combinations are possible.

(Connect the remaining threads to one thread while imagining the finished product)


Knit with the wound thread in the same way as an angel's stole.
Of course, the color changes on the way, but thatThe seams will come out in the middle of the knitted fabric

Many people don't care, but in UTO, the principle of switching borders and threads is "knitting end", so it cannot be put out as a proper product.

Only one color angel is at a reasonable price

So various mufflers / stalls"In translation" service itemI decided to sell it as.

The softness, warmth, etc. are exactly the same as the actual product except for the color switching. If you like the color scheme, it's a bargain like no other.

We hope you enjoy the various color schemes this time as well. Uto

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