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To the hometown of cashmere (3) How the world's best cashmere is made

We experienced the process by which the harvested cashmere is turned into the world's finest fluffy cashmere material by the hands of local professionals.

<<“To the hometown of cashmere (2) Experience the work of a cashmere herder family”

joy of harvest

Hair-harvested cashmere (cashmere)

It's a far cry from the fluffy cashmere stuffed in such a big bag, but this is the fruit of the year.

Cashmere brought to collection point

It's a huge amount though
I often carry such big luggage.
How did we get here?

Recognize the strength of pastoralists

After the harvest, business begins

Mr. Wu is a buyer of raw cashmere wool.

My job is to buy cashmere from herders.They seem to be much richer than herders.

``Are you going to work only in May, the harvest season? ”
“Is that why you’re so wealthy? ”
“Good business! ”

"joke! joke! ' But it doesn't seem like it's all true.

The world's best cashmere

The first thing professionals look at is

First of all, it seems that if you grab it with Munzu, you can tell whether it is pliable or not by its elasticity.

Be sure to check the length of the fur

The average hair length is 40 mm, which is the highest quality.This one has hair that is about 100 mm long!

Even as an amateur, I can feel that this is the world's top cashmere production area.

huge amount of cashmere

A pile of collected cashmere
That's a huge amount!

A bag full of cashmere that looks like it's about to burst. It's an overwhelming amount of cashmere from all over Mongolia. I can't believe it's cashmere.

People are also filled with cashmere, so the bags are all different because they were collected from various herders.

When you open it, the cashmere dust that bursts out of the bag makes it yellowish, but the downy hair is actually pure white.It still smells, but it's not as bad as I expected.Maybe it's because the air is dry. Probably

This is the world's best cashmere!

When I opened the package and jumped into raw cashmere, it seemed pleasant, but it smelled...

It will now be processed into the world's leading brand cashmere.

That must be a huge amount!
A billion yen? !

Steady cleaning of soil hair

The cashmere wool that has left the hands of the herders is used for sorting work.

After running around in the wilderness for a year, the cashmere wool has all kinds of things attached to it, including soil, leaves, and skin of plants.

many women with their hands
Removes dust trapped in cashmere wool

It's a daunting task!
Hair will fly if you are not fully armed.

They work silently, but even though they are very shy, they smile when we meet their eyes.

It's so quiet even though there are so many people

It's a simple job, but for the people of this area, it's a valuable job that provides a valuable opportunity to earn cash. It's especially important for illiterate people, and the state government is paying attention to it.

However, there are probably not many people in developed countries who can do this job.

Remove one year's worth of dirt

Hair washing process

In the spring, last year's hair is combed to refresh the cashmere downy hair, which grows to a sufficient length in one year, but it still has dirt from the past year.

After cleaning out dust and branches, wash the hair.

I wash it over and over again on a 50 meter long line.

black at first
Most of it is soil

The whiteness will return after washing 4 to 5 times.

When washed and dehydrated, it looks like cashmere.

After washing and drying, the hair that comes out is pure white! !

The next step is the hair styling process!

Hair styling unique to cashmere

The last step in making cashmere cotton is hair styling. Hair styling is a processing process unique to cashmere.

Washed cashmere hair
The process of separating hard bristles (stinging hair) and downy hair
technically the most difficult

The parted down hair is like cotton candy.It's so light and fluffy that it makes you happy.

Cotton after haircut
This will be exported to the world's top spinning companies.

Strict raw wool inspection

When the hair is straightened, check it first

Check the mixture ratio of bristles called stinging hair. Stinging hairs are allowed if the downy hair ratio is less than 0.1% or more than 99.9%.

Draw downy hair and prickly hair on black paper
with human eyes
Sort out the downy hair one by one with tweezers

It's a very tiring job that requires you to hold your breath.

Data is very important I'm surprised that there are people who write data, are they strict or do they have leeway?

As someone who makes the final product, when a sweater is finished, I carefully check to make sure there are no embroidered hairs.
Even if you do this far, it still won't be zero.
Cashmere is a natural fiber, so tweezers are essential when making sweaters.

Since cashmere is subject to such strict production control, it is difficult to imagine that it would be artificially caused by more than 1% of non-cashmere hair being mixed in.

The most important hair length

It's called cashmere fiber length, but how do you measure the length of that thin cashmere downy hair? I couldn't even imagine it!

seeing is believing

Cashmere fiber length is the most important factor in determining quality and price.
Even high quality long fiber cashmere
Without advanced hair styling techniques, the fibers will fall apart.

It seems like they won't let me see this part of the test...

Good raw materials and excellent technology I love cashmere and knitwear, and my desire to deliver good products to our customers makes me realize that I can only make good products if I connect with them all the way to the end.

Cashmere is fun! ! !

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