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There seems to be the wool which is more expensive than cashmere

Generally, it is cashmere it is the lightest, and to be warm, and this is because each one of the fiber is thinner than other animals, and it is soft, but there is an animal having the fiber which is thinner than hair of the cashmere closely in wool.


The animal is an animal of the friends of the alpacas called "a vicuna" living in the mountainous areas more than 5,000 meters above sea level of the South America Andes.
I have looked only with a photograph and a picture, but do dark brown with the pretty figure which a corner thins the neck of the deer which there is not and did smartly. The hair is shiny and seems to be fiber of the world's best fluent feel (I have not touched it).

By the way, as for the thickness of the fiber of the vicuna, length is 50 millimeters from 20 millimeters at 18 microns from 10 microns.


A vicuna is the rare wild animal which I cannot domesticate with timidity very much, and hair is not almost produced by the Washington Convention now because it is protected globally. I have heard a rumor to say that I was not popular, but it is not revealed that the suit of the vicuna of millions of yen sold before in a certain celebrity department store as one of the real intention.

It is minimal quantity these days, but there seems to be the thing which people of the Indian who is a native receive permission in particular from the Peruvian government and harvest it, and does it to a product, but is not the thing which it easily gets under the present conditions not to be conducted a business of the public even if I do it in which.


There is already an animal having the hair which is thinner than one kind of cashmere. It is an animal called "the till".
It features the corner that is long thin in the group of the antelope called Tibet Antelope formally and seemingly is the figure such as the Thompson gazelle. The habitat lives in Kochi from Amayama, China and Tibetan plateau, 3,250 meters of the Ladak district of India to 5,500 meters.

When シャトーシュ made with baby fuzz of this till is said to be "woolen King" with woolen stuff, and even a big shawl goes through the ring, being said to be it is smooth and is said to be a ring shawl.
It seemed to have been valued high as a bringing product of the marriage of the upper classes such as maharajas for centuries in India, but I kill till to gather this hair and skin it and seem to gather it.
Therefore it decreases sharply to 75,000 of them by indiscriminate hunting in 1995 that there were 1 million of them in the early 20th century and is endangered. The business of the product is prohibited not to mention the capture of the animal by Washington Convention now, too.


Because till and the vicuna are only textiles, it is to watch out

News called "representatives of arrest, Tokyo dress shop appears in the Mainichi Shimbun of 2001 for the fur sale charge of the precious animal".

The suspect is the Washington Convention alleged violation that sold two pieces of high-quality shawls called シャトーシュ for 800,000 yen in a shop of Shibuya-ku Daikanyama approximately three months of the arrest ago.


The shawl called シャトーシュ seems to cost 1,500,000 yen from one piece of 400,000 yen in a black-market price, but has poaching because there is the person who it is said that it is rare and is valuable, and purchases it. Say after poor life, and a person poaching it is selected so that there is evil. However, it is only rare, and the person buying it thinks that it is narrow-minded possessiveness for the self-satisfaction that other people do not have without life being painful, besides, because there is a person buying it. I think that the morals of consumers are cases to be called into question.

Because a product is a textile, and still there does not seem to be the sweater, come off both the vicuna and the till from a knit story slightly, but do not know the feeling that I want it, and it is when is said to be the textile which is greater than cashmere; but not to participate at all because is to take part in it driving property of the earth which criminal, and is valuable to a crisis to purchase; attention.


By the way!

The till is very alert and agile and seems to be able to run at a maximum of 80 kilos per an hour.
It becomes one of the mascots of BEIJING OLYMPIC of 2010 in this agility and rare fewness.
The meeting meeting of the mascot which ran was this till.

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