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Story of linking and the sewing

The knit stretches and contracts until sewing


When I wear the sweater of one such as turtlenecks or the yellowtail, can there be the thing that I think that a head will never enter if a gap between this small round neck is a cloth?

It is one of the big difference between knit and cloth to lengthen which does not lengthen, but I do it in the state that I open a part of the neck with the cloth which does not lengthen, and a head enters and close it by a button and a fastener.

On the other hand, even if the knit one is just fogged, the neck lengthens and is shortened if a head enters.


Because it is the movement that I always go for commonly, it is like a matter of course, are you aware of it in there being some devices?
That's right, it is a rib stitch of the neck. I employ the rib stitch which stretches and contracts like rubber most to let you stretch and contract to parts of such neck.

However, the neck does not open even if a rubber place stretches and contracts because a seam fixes the rib stitch if I sew it by a sewing machine commonly.
Therefore it is linking to appear.

I sew the sewing of the cloth not to move cloth which does not stretch and contract and Ikuji that do not stretch and contract by a sewing machine. On the other hand, it is a method of the sewing to do like 編地 which the knit linking seams stretching and contracting 編地 together, and stretches and contracts.

It calls what it seams together by a sewing machine to make linking because normal with the final sewing in the knit world to seam together.

By the way, the sky width to contain a brain smoothly interests you, and 60 centimeters are around aims 30 centimeters in diameter.



Linking to need mastery of skills


The edition ground of the knit is called a high gauge in comparison with the cloth of the textile, and even the stitch of small 14 gauges and 12 gauges of the halftone plate is incomparably relatively coarse and is only a hole when I very extremely express it in the halftone plate of 3 gauges and 1.5 gauge.
I think that it is easy to be understood when I compare the edition ground of the knit to a net and think. I cannot say a sewing machine to seam such 編地 together.

Therefore it is linking to appear. (or because the linking is an English meaning to tell to connect it to link to, it is natural)


A glance glance stabs each needle with neither edition place letting the needle of the linking machine which formed a line in a row dock as for the method of the linking and connects it, but the expert professional very easily picks up eyes, but what I stab with a glance glance not to let you fail in eyes is serious at all.

I have done it several times, but this is very difficult.
Because I put a thorn in a small stitch, the eyes stop, and the shoulder devotes itself, and sweat comes out to a hand and. I do not let I am readily good and strain even if you take time of several times if an amateur does it. I fail and fail in eyes and start it again many times, and a stitch gets dirty when I pull it too much.
Linking is expertise.

A human being picks up a glance glance and stabs you for the moment, and, as for the work of this linking, there is a method. Unfortunately there are many people stopping it at the opportunity when production moves under the present conditions abroad, and a factory closes it, and it goes bankrupt the expert who can do linking ages, and to decrease steadily, and work in itself decreases, and work broke off.

You will make the machine such as the automatic linking machine and pray eagerly, but it seems to be readily difficult.
One piece of sweater is not completed when I do not pass through a process of this linking even if the knitting is possible by machine.

Much experience and perseverance are necessary and cannot easily supplement it like a machine to be an expert. I am sorry at all that the technique that it takes it for many years, and has been cultivated is that a business closing and production move abroad, and technical tradition is cut off.
I think that Japanese precious property is lost. The technique of the linking is a light before the wind.


It is that the aim of UTO builds up the sweater which received orders on the next day or the day after next and hands it to a visitor.
To that end, I think that I must bring up the person who can do it of the linking at oneself.

A linking machine has dial linking and the hand-operated linking machine called "the holiday". I employ both in the factory of UTO.

When I began knit work, it was good and heard, "knitting was over now and was absent and did it" in the exchanges with a factory. I thought that a rest would be what, but the rest was the pronoun of what linking did by the name of a hand-operated linking machine.

Still, it was that a person called the octagon which it was about time when it at the start, and lived in the Yodo River of Osaka in the Taisho era invented it when I thought, "I was absent" that it was the strange name and referred to the Marui fiber machine which sold most "holidays" in Japan.
It is light, and it spreads in Japan, and this hand-operated machine which does not take the space yet plays an active part in the machine which is ideal in small household industry in the times when the electricity is poor.

I think that it is the epoch-making invention by a Japanese staying in the knit history.

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