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Aftercare service



Repair (Repair)


Please apply from the "Repair (Repair) Quotation Application Form" below.
→ the product to us after contacting us from here.
→ the product and provide a quote
→ you have approved the estimate, it will take repair work.

It will be the flow of.


If you wish, please check the "Precautions" below on this page and apply from the form below.

Repair (Repair) Quotation Application Form 


Refresh (washing - finishing)

To apply for refreshment, please order from the product at the bottom of this page.

"Fare details"

Stalls & Accessories

High-gauge (A) (12G)Pullovers, cardigans, vests

High Gauge (B) (12G)Tunic, long length, hooded

Middle Low Gauge (A) (5.7G)Pullovers, cardigans, vests

Middle Low Gauge (B) (5.7G)Tunic, long length, hooded

If you do not know the gauge and type of product you haveContact usPlease. You can take a picture of the product and attach it to the e-mail. In that case, please send an image that shows the whole picture and knitting.



Things to keep in mind:

  • Aftercare service is limited to our products.
  • Depending on the type and extent of damage, you may not be able to receive a repair.
  • The thread for repair is stored mainly in the standard color, but there may not be exactly the same thread. In that case, we will repair it with the same thread as close as possible.
  • Repairs will be repaired so that they look beautiful from the table. From the back sideRepairPlease understand that there may be traces left.
  • Both shipping costs are paid in yuan.
    "Customer → UTO" Customer's burden
    "UTO→ Customer's Case" UTO Burden


Aftercare service

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