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Dr. cashmere Udo's tea


We will make it in your desired size and in your favorite color.

At the moment, UTO's semi-custom-made manufacturing, which is ``made in the color and size you desire'', is what has received the most praise worldwide. This is a story about UTO's ``made-to-ord...

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Prevention of pilling in cashmere knits

We will explain in detail about pilling, including ``Causes and countermeasures for cashmere pilling'' and ``How to deal with pilling.''

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What is cashmere? Features, grades, etc.

We will explain in detail the basics of cashmere, such as ``What kind of animal hair is cashmere?'' and ``Cashmere is expensive, but why?''

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Cashmere knit tidying up in the season of changing clothes


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“Cashmere raw wool” used by UTO

UTO, which has been dealing with cashmere material for over 20 years, tells the story of its commitment to ``reliable, raw cashmere wool.''

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Product Birth Story “Yotsumoku Knit”

UTO's original knit "Yotsumoku Knit" that you won't find anywhere else. The secret story behind the birth of Yotsutsuji knit, a casual knit that is loved by many people.

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~ Let your cashmere rest ~ The secret to maintaining classy cashmere

A story about how to rest a cashmere sweater, which is important to keep it looking good for more than 10 years.

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"Meriyasu" from South America

By the way, do you know about "huge size"? I wonder if anyone who reads this as "stockinette" is someone in the industry or someone older than me (born in 1950). What is the size and size of...

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... Though I say 100% of discerning ... cashmere to cashmere, what is different?

A story about the frequently asked question, "Why are the prices so different even though they are all 100% cashmere?"

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The story of fulled carpet - Cashmere is the ugly duckling

Detailed story about “fleshing” that affects the texture of cashmere

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The story of cashmere “dying”

“How to dye cashmere to a good color” A story about “cashmere dyeing”, which is practiced day and night by master dyers.

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- Texture is also a commitment of Uto〜how to put out a different texture for each design

When it comes to cashmere knits, the brand's commitment to texture is most evident in its texture. A story about “differences in how to create texture”

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Story of linking and the sewing

At UTO, all of our knits are sewn using ``linking,'' but here is a story about ``linking'' and ``sewing,'' the best knitting techniques.

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What is thread?

A simple question, what is thread? "It's made by bundling fibers of a certain length and thinness and twisting them to make them longer"? This is a story about "thread", which is closely related to...

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Care when your cashmere knit stole gets wet from rain, etc.

It's the rainy season. It would be very sad if the weather suddenly changed from sunny to rainy and your favorite clothes got wet. So this time, I will tell you about what to do when you suddenly ...

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The texture of cashmere changes depending on the knitted fabric

Cashmere is a color that has a unique softness because it covers even highly saturated colors with the excellent coloring properties of the delicate material. In a strange way, I'm impressed by ...

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Why do knits shrink?

When washing cashmere yourself, don't you worry that your favorite expensive sweater will shrink ? The sweater that actually shrunk is an adult-sized sweater that has shrunk to the size of a c...

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Product birth story: “Cashmere stole that looks like a scarf”

I don't think there are many people who hear the term ``Thronting Stall'' and think, ``Oh, that's what I'm talking about!'' This is because this item, like the "Angel's Stole", is an original UT...

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