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With just one way to wrap it,
You can enjoy various color expressions.

Weaving is as sweet and fluffy as possible,
"Angel's knitting fabric"

The smooth texture of the ``Angel Series'' gives comfort to your neck.

Connect the remaining threads

The craftsman thinks about the "color scheme" while thinking about the colors within the determined thread,
The leftover threads are tied together to form a "single thread" for knitting.

Angel with one-of-a-kind color scheme at an eco-friendly price

Where the color changes when knitting,
The seam will appear in the middle of the knitted fabric.

Most people say they don't care, but
Various colored mufflers/stole
It is sold as an "eco product" .

Random combination of leftover cashmere threads
luxurious and playful
Please enjoy "Angel's Stole".

*Eco price 20% OFF
*50 colors/
each color scheme - limited to 1 item

The beautiful colors of cashmere overlap, Only one color in the world

angel stole of various colors

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2022-23AW cashmere color gallery This year's colors available for UTO's "cashmere knit order" are " 25 colors ." "What color is this?" "Which color scheme goes well with this color?" ...

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Light and gentle cashmere texture Spring cashmere “Thronting Series” is We use cashmere yarn (single thread) that is thinner than the autumn/winter cashmere "Tenshi Series". Keeps the soft f...

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