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Product Birth Story “Yotsumoku Knit”

One of UTO's original knits, ``Yotsumoku Knit''

Yotsumoto knit is a playful, casual, top-quality cashmere knit made by knitting ``4 different colored cashmere threads''.

It is a secretly popular item that is loved by many customers and has many repeat customers, saying, ``It has such a slimy feel that you won't be able to wear other knits.''

In fact, Yotsumoki knit is an original knit that can only be made by UTO. This is the story of the birth of such an original and beloved knit.

Insane and interesting inspiration

My first encounter with Yotsumochi yarn was when our president, Uto, visited the spinning company we work with.

Sweaters and knitted accessories are usually made by knitting twin yarns (threads made by twisting two single yarns together). For this reason, brands including UTO generally purchase twin yarn from spinning companies. However, when I was touring, I learned that they had "single yarn" before making double yarn.

Hearing this, the company president, Uto, thought , ``Then, if you twist single yarns of different colors, you can make interesting yarns!'' , and the people at the spinning company thought positively, ``That's great!'' The fact that he received the gift was the reason for the birth of Yotsumoku .

High risk heather color

According to Spinning Company Day, no one would have thought about ``turning expensive 100% high-quality cashmere yarn into a heather color that is difficult to sell'' in the first place because it was too risky. .

I was thinking, “If you ask me, that’s true.”

However, we thought, ``What would be great if there was a top-quality cashmere knit that was fun!'' We started development with the hope of ``just having fun.''

Then, through trial and error, we were particular about the color and texture that would not compromise the quality of cashmere, and the current four heathered threads and knit items were completed.

Enjoy developing yarn every year using the highest quality materials

Every year at UTO, everyone at the head office has fun twisting four different single yarns and saying, ``This is good! This is a bit strange...'' and we are having fun developing new four-grained yarns. lol

Even if the color is nice when it comes to yarn, the atmosphere is often completely different when it comes to the finished product. Part of the fun is developing threads with that in mind, and of course there are times when I make mistakes...On the other hand, when it comes to knits, the colors turn out surprisingly good.

Luxury and original knits full of playfulness and risk

The reason we can do such risky play (in a good way, of course!) with the highest quality cashmere yarn is because we have our own factory and can manufacture to order.

``Yotsuhatsu Cashmere Knit'' has become a luxurious original product that can only be made by UTO.

It may seem a bit strange to call it a play product, but ``Yotsumoku'' is a yarn filled with a mysterious charm that brings joy to both the creator and the customer.

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