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~ Let your cashmere rest ~ The secret to maintaining classy cashmere

Have you ever worn a sweater and felt like the cuffs and neckline were stretched out? It's really sad when something like an expensive cashmere sweater stretches out and you can't wear it anymore.

To avoid such sad feelings, please give your child a break from wearing cashmere sweaters .

This time we will be talking about ``How to rest a cashmere sweater''.
If you own a cashmere sweater, please read this.

What happens if you wear a cashmere sweater every day?

If you continue to wear a cashmere sweater every day,

・Moisture accumulates due to sweat and body temperature, making it damp and losing its texture.
・The knitting structure, especially in parts that are stretched (rib cuffs, neckline, etc.), changes from the original structure to the stretched structure, resulting in a sweater that is tangled and stretched...

Cashmere sweaters, which originally look luxurious, end up looking more and more disappointing.
You want to keep wearing your cashmere sweater for years to come, so you want it to maintain its elegance.

How to wear a classy cashmere sweater for a long time

To prevent that from happening!

After wearing it for one day, let it rest for 2-3 days (wear it once every 3-4 days) and wait for the cashmere to dry and return to its original state.

Also, try steaming or ironing your braids at least once a month to keep them in their original, unstretched state.

The correct way to use a steam iron press

When it comes to cashmere, there is a right way to do it.

If you press an iron against a cashmere sweater, the pile will become flattened and the knit will lose its natural texture. (Wool too)

To raise the hair and make it fluffy,

① Steam with steam
②Reshape it to its original shape with your hands
③ Iron at a height that may or may not touch the sweater.

That's the point.

When it is steamed and softened, the pile rises and the stitches become wider.
If you apply force at this time, the material will move freely and the shape will be easier to adjust.

By the way, stretched cuffs and necklines can also be returned to their original state to some extent using this method.

The point is while it's hot ! It's similar to when you curl your hair by heating it with an iron when perming your hair.

"Cashmere = living material"

Unlike synthetic fibers, cashmere wool is alive.

That's why one of the important secrets to keeping cashmere knits in good condition for a long time is to let them rest .

In addition, `` maintenance '' is also important in order to keep it in good condition for a long time, so please read this as well, so that you can wear it comfortably for more than 10 years .

→Click here for cashmere care

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