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To the hometown of cashmere (1) To meet the cashmere people of Inner Mongolia

This is a record of when I went to see cashmere across semi-deserts and mountains to Alashan, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

From Ningxia to Inner Mongolia

North from Yinchuan, the capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the destination is Inner Mongolia.
Just in case anything happens, I loaded up a lot of plastic bottles and set out!

Running through the dry semi-desert

The Galan Mountains on the state border have almost no trees and are reddish-brown mountains, like Son Goku's flaming mountain.I shudder to think of my car breaking down in a place like this.

The Great Wall of China is about to collapse on the way

Beyond the Galan Mountains

Crossing the Galan Mountains at the state border
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region/Alashan


A longed-for place, Arashan!
The world's best cashmere can be found here
A dream destination for those involved in cashmere

Alashan is located at a altitude of 1,500 meters in southern Inner Mongolia, and has a harsh environment with temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius in winter and easily over 40 degrees Celsius in summer.

It is because of this harsh climate and environment that God must have given Cashmere that fluffy fur to protect her.

The air is clear and the sun is bright

A sudden encounter with cashmere

A sudden encounter with the long-awaited cashmere

Crossed the mountain on the border between Ningxia and Inner Mongolia
Suddenly encountering cashmere

A group of cashmere trees cross the road on their way to pasture.

“It’s cashmere!” !
There is a cry of surprise inside the car.
From Tokyo to Beijing,
Until Arashan

As soon as I arrived at Alashan after a long and exhausted day, I easily encountered Cashmere!

Everyone got off at the same time and had a photo session.

The pastor's brother also seems confused.

cashmere grazing

The scenery of ``A green meadow dotted with sheep'' is
UK, Australia, New Zealand

Not that rich nature

Cashmere grows by eating sparse plants in the semi-desert.

"That's big issue! ” is my first impression.
It's a really tough environment

Cashmere requires frequent movement and large areas of land as the sparse plant is eaten to its core.

Climb to the top of the mountain and eat

She listens carefully to what the herdsmen say and moves smoothly.When I approached to take a photo, she quietly ran away and before I knew it, all I could take in the photo was the back of Cashmere.

Children who were just born this year were also in the group.
very cute

On the plateau of Arashan

Spring/May After a long, harsh winter, spring has arrived in the highlands of Arashan.

Clear everywhere,
The sky of Alashan is high and blue

Even though it's spring, after noon
It's over 30 degrees outside
Humidity is less than 10%

Feel the difference from sheep growing in green pastures

Cashmere is truly a gift of nature.

Continued “To the hometown of cashmere (2) Experience the work of a cashmere herder family”>>

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