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The advice of a cashmere sweater, the hand-washing

If I wash it properly and shrink, I pay the price and do whether you remake it!


There seem to be many people who take it for "cleaning absolute as for the cashmere" unexpectedly.

Called "2-3 times of because must give a laundryman it if wear it 金 がかかるのよねぇ" often hear a voice.

It is light, and the soft and fluffy cashmere knit is expensive again feebly, and what it is worry that shrink and starts for cleaning may be natural.


There is the cashmere of UTO for dry indication for the time being, too.

But I explain it to the person whom I met directly and recommend a bathroom by oneself. It is an act to contradict it, but does not do it for hand-washing indication daringly because there is much misunderstanding.

I can never shrink when I wash it from now on in 通 to explain. Please wash it by oneself simply because it is important cashmere knit.

The point is, "it is easy to shrink if there are many things to wash together" which "it is easy to shrink if it has a long time to wash it when it is easy to shrink if temperature of the water is high, and fuzz is easy to stand".

As for "the washing, there is a person with tepid water" well, but I cannot understand the reason well. Normal temperature is enough for the temperature of the washing, and even slightly cold water does not mind if even a detergent melts.

Please be careful about friction than it. It is to push it in a short time, and to wash it, and to do by one piece. Besides, I am tender. Even the hand-washing mode of the washing machine is all right.

I thought that there was not the person who scrubbed cashmere, but I washed it with other laundry hard and "became fluffy" The person cannot believe it whom と objection is said to comes to the inside.


I push it with a detergent and shampoo of the wool washing for a short time and wash it and do it, and the normal dirts should be produced. Is the shampoo usable? The とおっしゃる person comes, but originally protein, the shampoo may be more expensive than a detergent, but what I wash by one's shampoo thinks both the hair and the cashmere to be the first.

The twist is more generous in the knit thread than a cloth, and the dirts are easy to be produced beyond comparison if I compare 編地 with the ramming down of the cloth because it is 疎.

I wash the partial outstanding dirt under running water with a finger, and still the dirt which is not removed, please think with a stain than I say with a dirt. Because the thing which protein changes, and became a stain is a domain of the experts beyond the ranges of the washing, I am not produced even if I wash it hard.


I wear the softening agents such as conditioners if you finish washing it, and, please rinse it out enough. I supplement an oil removed with a dirt with a detergent and protect fiber. Because both the hair and the wool are the basically same.

Of the backDiaphragmIt is a が point.

Please completely take the moisture by a spin-drier. "エ エ!" By a spin-drier There are many surprised people, but と is so a spin-drier.
I show courage, and, please turn it by a spin-drier. Of course, please fold it properly.

It is the dehydration method that is kind to fiber much more than I squeeze it with towels because the sweater in the spin-drier sticks to a drum and splashes water by centrifugal force.


It is hard to lose shape when I take the moisture. Fix the form after dehydration; and flat; dried です.
The tops such as nets are the best, but will be good generally what it is on a bath towel.

I lengthen it by the dimensions of the sweater before washing it, and, please fix the dimensions on this occasion.

I upset it in half day, and, please change the position of the bath towel. The bottom of the sweater is considerably watery when I do not do so it. When with the ventilation is easy to dry and guesses the wind such as electric fans right, I dry early. Of course a positive may prove right a little.


When I hang it in the state of the half diaphragm and air it, water collects towards a bottom and lengthens with the heaviness, and the state that lengthened settles when I dry. It is the model of a bad dried way.

In addition, the hot-air drier is strict prohibition because I have a felt phenomenon by a hot wind when I put it in a dryer and shrink like child use. This is a phenomenon peculiar to wool and can shrink because how to make felt is this method.


If even cashmere follows even the point, no problem happens by normal hand-washing.

If a cashmere product of my UTO shrinks by this method, I trade with new one or return the price and do it.


I have not listened to the story that he/she was pleased to show you this method when everybody got nervous softly and failed in.

I have you inquire into everybody by oneself and wear it more and yet more, and, please enjoy good cashmere.

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