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UTO: Tales of UTO

We aim to be the world's best Casimyanit manufacturer.

You might think it was something that spread the great Furoshiki (the great furoshiki).However, in the near future, the UTO is seriously aiming for a company that is recognized by the world as "the UTO for Kashmiyah Nit."

It was a big change in the fashion industry that was involved with the fashion industry by touring the fashion of European fashion when traveling abroad, and the fashion industry was involved in the tour.At last it was a nitshop.Forty years since.As a fashion shop, I was able to study and study a lot.

Since the beginning of becoming a nitya, I have been fascinated by this light and tender kashimiya, and I will gamble with Kashmiyah, who has been studying for herself, and I will aim at the world in the betting of my life.

In 1992, the company launched its own brand "bhf International" to challenge the building of a variety of designs and materials.Angola, Moheya, and Alpaca, of course, of the autumn and winter material.And the favourite Kashmia.Spring and summer are cotton, hemp, silk, and so on.

From the beginning, I wanted to make things by using as natural materials as possible.I don't like chemical fibers and synthetic fibers, but I like to use natural materials from natural resources, and I think it can be helpful to a bit of people who produce raw materials while coexisting with nature.I also think that it is possible to make things more eco-friendly to the global environment.

Although it was an independent initial and best effort to make it possible to deal with all kinds of materials, the material was too deep to be satisfied with himself, and the only thing left was the sense of defeat and inventory, and it was only a mini edition of the old company, and it was not attractive.The increase in the number of goods is one of the reasons for the increase in the number of products, which is one of the reasons for the anxiety, and the experience of the increased number of people is that "there is nothing to do, but in the end, nothing can be done".


I hope that the number of designs will increase, but the number of products produced at that time is 100 sheets and lots of lots are high.I asked the factory to manage it for 80 lots, so I had to ask for it to be made.

On the other hand, sales are about half as much as the number of manufactured goods during the exhibition, as the bubble bursts and the market is rapidly cooling down.Subsequent additional orders are not included, and the money is not so good as they stand up and nowhere.

This situation will continue to be difficult for me to do.With the debt of my father-in-law managed by my father-in-law, I managed to get out of the stock and borrow money right away.As a result of the crisis, the company gave up its brand and was forced to sell the factory brand in the form of a tie-up with the factory, and managed to escape the crisis.

About one month after the company started its preparations for the operation, the company president told him that he had a conversation with the company president.I finally got out of the crisis and I was thrunned with a sales plan that I wanted to sell to Yamagata."Tomorrow, the company went bankrupt, and now it's gone to the court," said the president.

It was said that the two billion yen notes received were caused by bankruptcy.This is the first white state of the head.Even if this house is the last one to stay with, I could not sleep, so I would like to return to Tokyo the next morning for a grace period for the financial institutions to pay back the money and to retreat to the office's retreat.If you go into bankruptcy, your home will be gone, and you will be able to cheer your house as collateral.I took a look at the abyss in Hell and disposed of the inventory, and managed to move his office to his home without causing trouble to others.


Since then, I have worked hard for the next four years, and when I managed to cut down my debt in half, I was able to learn about the Attackers Business School, which was hosted by Kenichi Omae, the most respected economist of the book, at the website of the book, and to be given the private cram school.The business plan to be submitted in the course of implementing the new business is "the business plan for the realization of the world's best Kasmiyanit manufacturers."

I will try again for the failed niche maker.I had decided that I would be able to narrow my confidence in Kashiwamiya, which I had been fascinated since I had become a nitshop where I loved myself, and I was fascinated by the fascinating Kashmiyah.If I had not liked it, I would have no regret, and the cloud of clouds that had been covered with heavy covers was the same as it was.Of course I am sure that I will be able to take care of him by narrowing them to the Kashmiyah, but I think that this was the only choice for a man who has no talent like himself to be a man of the kind.

In addition, there was a place where Kashmiyi was confident and confident that he could win.It has been in the industry for forty years, and I have visited many factories in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and the highest mountain in Britain and Italy, and I have had the opportunity to work with the factory workers who are producing world-famous brands in such a way.The mental attitude and passion and enthusiasm of the management and employees of manufacturing facilities, technology and manufacturing of such factories.One factor is that the world has been able to see some of the levels of the world.


From now on, it was a business model that has never been done at the company level, in the personal age, in Kashmiyah, the best material, by "making a sweater in the desired dimension of each individual's wish."This business model of "manufacturing, selling and selling and selling and selling" in the distribution industry of "manufacturing and selling and remaining bargain" is the supply chain management argument, and it is impressive that someone at a business school said, "It's an ideal, but it looks like a picture of a critic painting."

How can you make a single sheet of work done by the factory, which offers a poor job for the job?If it were not for profit, the first would be good, but it would be impossible to find it in the first.If they are not wine-w-in, they will not succeed.


I was prepared to make a sample of Cashmiyas between OEMA and Uchida, who had been making a knitted with an OEM, and prepared for the first time in 2002 by preparing a sample of Cashmiyas.Ten years have passed since it was first concected and prepared.


I am not sure that even if you have confidence that you will be able to get a personal service of "your favorite color and your desired size and size" in 54 colors, you can't really be sure of it until you actually get your order.I was convinced that this business style, which I had started with hope, was a success of Mr. Garson in Takeo, Fukui Prefecture."There was no risk at the store, and the customer was willing to order, and I think this is the best way to do it," said Hirayama's words, which made him believe in the business.I am very grateful, and I watched the match between England and Brazil at the station yard while waiting for the return train, and it is burnt down by the eyelids.

If the order goes well, it won't make it in time for production.The next goal was to have a factory.There is no place where there is no change in the production of a single sheet of production, and the limit of production is the limit of sales.I receive a lot of orders and are often scolded to be scolded by the delivery of goods.At that time, I had a meeting with Sano, who was the head of a factory in front of a factory in Yamanashi factory, in a 'nimo' (a) meeting.Now that we can now produce a complete production, I think it was a great deal for him to launch a single factory from zero.and it's a great effort to create a high degree of perfumer.


From now on, it is possible to stabilize the management by cultivating the spring and summer material, which only has been the only ingredience in the autumn and winter season.It was a seasonal business such as apples that continued to make Kasumiya both in the spring and summer, when autumn and summer were able to be converted into cash, as well as the production capacity problem.

The future.UTO"If you are Kashmiyah, from the world, from the world, to make a sophisticated, highly polite recipe that is cultivated in Kashmiyah,"UTOI aim to be a manufacturer.


In the end, all of the employees who are always willing to do what they like to do is cheerful and willing to do so, Mr. Uchida, Nitto's mentor, Mr. Yamashita, the head of the Oriental Spinning and Steel Manufacturing Company, and Mr. Ishii, president of the Oriental Institute of Oriental Products, Mr. Kimura of the Foundation and the Mao Products Inspection Association, Mr. Abe of Estee Chemicals, and Mr. Abe, the managing director of the Chemicals, and, thanks to you, we will thank you all for the time.

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