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Feelings of UTO

<!-- カシミヤニットの「カスタムオーダー」 -->

Custom order to own size

Length and sleeve length do not fit the body.。 The size of each customer's choice、 We will change the length and sleeve length to your favorite length

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<!-- 「色」へのこだわり -->

A wide variety of 20 colors

There are 20 colors to choose from. Calm colors, vivid colors, Choose the color that's right for you

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We offer refreshing aftercare such as hole repair and hairballs so that you can use it for a long time.

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A cashmere craftsman from Michinoku, Japan's snowy country. We create things with tenacity, care, and heart.     Cashmere specialists work with cashmere all year round. Kitakami City, Iw...

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The person who makes UTO

UTO's highest quality cashmere knits are carefully knitted one by one by skilled local craftsmen at our own factory in Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture. We would like to deliver cashmere knitwear, w...

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