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Angel reversible neck warmer

Sale price¥15,400
SKU: 1317-3032


※「贈り物」などお急ぎの方は こちら からご相談可

Neck warmer with the same knitted fabric as the angel stall. Because it is double-tailored, it fits comfortably around the neck with a moderate volume.
An item that gives you a feeling of lightness and warmth unique to the Angel series. It can also be used as a reversible.


Ordered products: You can choose from a wide variety of colors.
Delivery is made to order, so1-2 weeks
Will be.

Model wearing: Ice pink x light gray

Material: 100% cashmere
Color: 20 colors (see photo)
Gauge: 12 gauge / Knitted fabric: Needle-free Tenjiku / Weight: 56g (average value)

Size (cm) /Flat

length width
One Size 29 30

Please forgive the error + -3% because it is a knit.



Commitment to “cashmere material”

The best products can only be made from the best materials.Materials must be kind to the earth.

UTO's cashmere knits are supported by the ``best cashmere yarn'' made using ``the world's top-class raw wool'' and ``the world's most advanced spinning technology.''

Raw cashmere wool is graded based on factors such as ``length and thinness of the fibers,'' ``color, and degree of crimp,'' and the ``highest grade, Grade 1'' is only a small fraction of the downy wool.

UTO's cashmere knits are backed by ``100% Japanese-made cashmere yarn'' spun by Toyo Boseki, a world-renowned Japanese spinning company, using rare ``1st grade cashmere raw wool'' collected in Inner Mongolia, China. It is being

Commitment to “Made in Japan”

Rather than mass production, we deliver the "warmth of craftsmanship" created by carefully manufacturing each piece by hand.

A mysterious factory that only makes cashmere all year round.
``UTO Cashmere Knit'' is born in a factory surrounded by nature on a hill overlooking the Waga River, a tributary of the Kitakami River in Iwate Prefecture.

One piece out of hundreds or thousands of pieces made will not go to you.

"Linking sewing" that affects comfort,
"Iron finish" brings out the beauty of knits.

Meticulous cashmere craftsmen from Tohoku, who value "quality born from manual labor,"
We will carefully create ``one piece for you'' without sparing any effort.

At UTO, all drying after shrinking (washing) is done by natural drying.

Natural drying takes time and effort, and it is common to use a dryer to dry in a short time.
At UTO, we are particular about texture and quality, and "treat cashmere with care and care like a baby," right up to the final "drying" stage.
We believe that this is the best way to make cashmere.

Commitment to “color”

Born from a blend of colors,
Deep shining cashmere color

Yarn dyeing is a method of dyeing that allows you to enjoy the color for a long time.
Although it is the most time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly method, it does not compromise on color.

The dyeing method is ``low temperature dyeing'' which maintains a soft texture.
This is an advanced technology that uses years of experience to achieve uniform color by slowly dyeing at low temperatures.

Careful color management is required, but we are working hard to preserve the smooth texture of cashmere material and to stabilize the color.

For example, UTO's "Royal Blue" is a blend of five colors.
"Medium Gray" is a blend of black, white, light beige, and light purple.

In this way, by blending 5 to 10 colors of cashmere fibers, depth is created in the color, resulting in beautiful deep hues.

Washable, nurturing cashmere

Cashmere grows with you the more time you spend together.

Cashmere knits that can be easily washed at home using years of research and technology to ensure that they do not shrink even after washing.

UTO's ``Growing Cashmere Knit'' becomes softer and smoother the longer you wash and wear it.

You can also enjoy a luxurious time learning about the characteristics of natural materials and feeling how they change over time.


You can use it for a long time with reliable aftercare.

If it has pilling or dirt does not come off.
If the thread breaks due to rubbing or being eaten by insects.

With the hope that you can use your knitwear with care for a long time, we provide aftercare (refreshment and repairs) even after delivery.

You can use it with confidence for a long time in good condition.

I will always be with you 10 or 20 years from now.

"A single cashmere thread" is made by craftsmen in various fields of raw wool, spinning, and dyeing, pouring their time and effort into making it.

Finally, UTO's cashmere craftsmen
Each piece is carefully knitted with great care,
"Only one in the world" UTO cashmere knit.

I want them to be cherished and used with love for a long time.

“An irreplaceable piece” rather than a thousandth or tens of thousands of pieces,
``A superb piece that will warm both your body and soul.''
to you.